Sunday, 3 January 2010

A Beautiful day in London

On Saturday we took my daughter up to London to meet her godparents who were taking her to see the new A Christmas Carol film in 3D at the IMAX cinema, Waterloo.

After delivering said daughter, M and I strolled across Waterloo Bridge. It was a beautiful day. Cold but bracing, and the sky so clear and blue I couldn't help be reminded of Paul Newman's eyes *sigh*. The stroll really cleared the Christmas cobwebs away:

Just look at those blues. Beautiful. M works close to St. Paul's Cathedral, so this photo was a must.

Here's the Gherkin and the Oxo Tower. I've heard the restaurant at Oxo is very nice:

We walked to Covent Garden which was bustling. Various aromas fought for our attention: coffee, pastries, handmade soaps. Crowds gathered to watch the entertainers like this unicyclist/juggler:

The Christmas decorations were very pretty. Down in the square below the balcony was a male opera singer. I am not a fan of opera, but he ended on Nessun Dorma which is one of the few tunes I DO like. It was a treat to hear.

The market was full of stalls selling handmade goods. We didn't buy, but there were lots of temptations.

We had lunch at Porters restaurant. I don't think I'd been there since before we were married (and probably then with a previous boyfriend). Porters sells pies. And such pies! I tried scanning in a copy of the menu to show you but it didn't come out clear at all, but it includes Lamb and apricot, Turkey and chestnut, Three bean, spicy lentil and vegetable pies. I chose the Steak, Guinness and mushroom (which I seem to recall was what I had the last time! Shhhh, don't tell M).

It certainly fortified us for the walk back across the bridge. This is Cleopatra's needle:

The sun was beginning to set:

which put the Houses of Parliament into silhouette:

We so rarely go out just the two of us, this was a lovely treat and I felt very content as we met up with our friends and daughter to return home.

Andi xx


  1. Looks like a lovely day out!
    I am trying to persuade my other half to do a day trip to London.
    Not one to step out of Devon very often, I don't think he is too keen...but I am working on it!!

  2. You made London look so beautiful! Well, it is really, when you get away from all the horrid crowds in Oxford Street etc. I do love the stunningly beautiful old buildings.

  3. London. How I dream of visiting some day! Your photos made me wish even harder! So funny, thinking of the blue in Paul Newman's eyes :0) Glad to see see you started the New Year in such lovely way! xx

  4. We're such country bumpkins!We keep meaning to do a trip to London one of these days and see the sights.Your photos captured the day beautifully.


  5. Wonderful walking tour...enjoyed it very much. Cleopatra's needle looks a lot like the Washington Monument. :-)
    Thanks for sharing your wire racks story...that was too funny! Now see, if I'd been your dinner guest, I wouldn't have been able to keep my mouth shut...I would have asked about the "additions" under the table. Hee, hee. That reminds me of when I had a cookie Christmas party for my neighbors last Christmas, and I'd just hung a brand new wreath out on the porch door. Of course, folks were going in and out onto the screened porch. A day or two later I realized I'd never taken the price tag off the wreath after I hung it...sooooo embarrassing! :-) My neighbors may still be talking about that! LOL

  6. Hi Andi
    That looks wonderful, glad you had a good time. I always remember spending holidays and half terms with my parents in London, and we try to do that now with our 2 boys.

  7. I LOVE a day out in London, hope to get there soon again when the weather is a bit better. Loved the little strawberry cakestand in previous post. Happy New Year!


  8. Never been to London, although I've traveled all over Europe. Wonderful skyline photos and it looks like a perfect day for a city stroll.

  9. Thank you for the tour, would love to go there someday.

  10. The view from Waterloo Bridge is my favourite! Gorgeous photos, New Year was lovely wasn't it? Hope you're all wrapped up at home in the snow today!


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