Friday, 18 November 2011

Farewell Sugar

I've never been good at saying goodbye to cars.

Back in the 60's my dad had a black Austin 40

it was the second car he ever owned.

( Attribution: Redsimon at en.wikipedia)

One morning he drove me to school, which was unusual because we normally walked.

At the school gates he told me:

'Say goodbye to the car because you won't be seeing it again.'

I was so upset

and ever since have had trouble saying goodbye to cars.

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to Sugar, my PT Cruiser:

I love her for her retro look

and for a long time couldn't bring myself to play my Tom Waits cds while I drove her

we stuck to Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday

(until the cd player got a grain of dirt in it and scratched the cds).

So what if my son's friends told me she looked like a hearse

I loved her.

Sadly, she became an old lady and began behaving and sounding very sick.

Yesterday I took her for our last drive together

and left her at the dealers

all the while muttering to myself,

'It's just a car, a machine. It doesn't have feelings. It is NOT upset that you're abandoning her.'

Here is the little upstart that has taken her place


A Fiat 500.

She's nippy, more maneuverable and has a cd player that works.

It's going to take me a while to adapt

(who ever heard of an automatic that rolled backwards on inclines?)

but I'm sure we're going to become good friends.

(and I don't think she'll mind Tom Waits!)


Andi xx

Friday, 11 November 2011

When you go home

Tell them of us and say

For your tomorrow

We gave our today.


Andi xx

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mushrooms/Toadstools whatever

The lawn had its last cut of the year yesterday

(I hope)

and with it went the mushrooms

or toadstools

I don't know the difference.

I don't plan on eating them

so I'm not sure it matters.

I just wish I could have those

pretty fairytale mushrooms instead.

You know, the red ones with white spots?

Guess I'll just have to make them instead.


Andi xx

Monday, 7 November 2011

For Pooh Fans

On the weekends I take Elsie for a walk in a park near to us which has a section called 'The Hundred Acre Woods'. This is a fantastic place where you can find Pooh's house:

and even post him a letter

The inside of the house has a table, chair and honey pot. Unfortunately the photos of this didn't come out because it was too dark.

Another unfortunate was that my memory card filled up, so there are no photos of Eeyore's Gloomy Place or the bridge where you can play Pooh Sticks. However, these are the pics I DID manage to take:

(and where Elsie nearly pulled me face first into that puddle)

(there is a tall, white pole in the ground just here)

Can you imagine the delight for any young Pooh fans visiting this place?


Andi xx