Tuesday, 19 January 2010


No, I don't mean in the Mr. Humphries way (goodness, I'm showing my age now) but rather in the arms outstretched, embracing the world type of free. After being almost stranded in the house because of the weather, I finally got to the charity shops at the end of last week for the first trip of the year, and it felt WONDERFUL!

The kids were at school, M was at work, the dinner prepared and slow-cooking in the oven so I went SHOPPING.

Three of our local charity shops are what true charity shops ought to be - a place where you can pick up a real bargain. Others, who shall remain nameless, charge so much I am convinced that top, or that skirt was cheaper the first time around in Primark. Anyway, this gilet in Oxfam was my first buy and is in the washing machine as I write. I think the best colour to go with this would be a soft dove gray. What do you think? (Remember - I don't do pink):

Every other Christmas when my family are here, we say 'next time, we'll put all the vegetables in tureens and let people help themselves' (we usually dish out for them in the kitchen), but it never happens. Next year it will because I found this large tureen which should be big enough to hold the roasties:

A set of four strawberry forks which my daughter pointed out will be just the thing for 'dipping the strawberries in the chocolate fondue that we always have on Valentine's day' (don't think I didn't recognise this subtle reminder for what it was).

This delightful creature will be wrapped and put away until the autumn:

I thought this print was sweet:

And a collection of books. As usual, the books were the first things I found, so I asked if I could leave them behind the counter and come back to collect them:

Some of the designs in the Craft Collection may be out of date but the techniques won't be. M likes Eva Cassidy, so I got her life story for him. Planet Earth I was particularly pleased to get for my son. I rarely find things for him (high tech stuff doesn't appear very often second-hand!). The spine hasn't even been creased. Neither has the Start Crochet. My friend knew I was having difficulty find the Art of Crochet magazine, so treated me to this book. She was charged £1 for three books - wow! The Accidental Gardener is very amusing as well as being helpful, and last but not least, Looney Tunes - the ultimate visual guide. Fantastic.

I know some of you have been out there already and I've been reading about your finds. Treasure hunting is just so much fun!

Andi xx


  1. Those are real treasures! (I especially loved the tureen and the "delightful creature") Nothing compares to the thrill of the hunt, that moment when you spot something wonderful and can't wait to bring it home. Enjoy! xx

  2. Lovely to join you in a gloat over the spoils...

    You did really well, and I'm most impressed by the gilet.

  3. Lucky you finding all of those goodies. There's been absolutely nothing in our local charity shops for months now.


  4. I love the big tureen, thats a fabulous find!

  5. Those are some loevely finds! My kids love Planet Earth too! Have a great week!

    Sandy xox

  6. Oh my goodness, you've either bought that picture from a charity shop I go in regularly or there are two pictures like that out there. I have been eyeing it up for sometime but really have no wall space left!

  7. Glad you had such a successful trip to the CS.Grey would be perfect to go with the gilet.The tureen is my favourite...being a china collector!


  8. Good thing we are separated by the pond.
    Because had I gotten there first, you would not be picturing all those great finds.

    LOVE the little print, especially.

  9. Those are wonderful treasures.

    I know what you mean about some places, my Grandmother donated some items to a well known charity shop and few days later noticed that they had priced them for much more than she had paid when new. It wasn't like they were antique or anything, just basic modern items.

  10. Wow Andi, you had a good CS session!! I'm envious...
    I know what you mean about being FREE and OUT - I felt just the same way, it feels like we've been housebound for weeks doesn't it? So lovely to get out!
    And totally agree with you on the CS price tags - what on earth are they thinking of with some of those prices? Aren't CS's meant to shift items quickly? Who's going to pay £6 for a bobbly, colour washed out tee shirt ???????
    Luckily there are a few of our locals with realistic CS prices.
    Enjoy your new found freedom, and thank you for all your get well wishes and comments,
    Denise x

  11. Larissa.Stretton@charter.net20 January 2010 at 21:09

    Hello!!! I just found your blog and have to let you know how wonderful it is!! I'm sure I'll be visiting lots!! We have alot of similar interests!!

    Isn't is great fun to go thrifting when you "Are Free"--just luv, luv, luv 'Are you being Served?'--bought myself the whole set at Christmas time and am loving watching them. It's such a thrill when you find something really good!! And you found a whole bunch of something goods!! You've inspired me to head out on my own treasure hunt tomorrow!! Afterall, I was good and did the housework today!!!

    Sorry for such a long comment!! They'll be shorter next time!!


  12. I always mean to put the veggies in tureens too, but very rarely do. You tureen looks wonderful and big!! suzie xxx

  13. Oohh lots of goodies.
    I know exactly what you mean, I've been in charity shops that are selling Primark clothes at more than they actually were new!!!
    When James and I were teenagers we always wore vintage clothes from thrift & charity shops, but then a few years ago all the clothes prices seems ridiculous!!!
    Hope you are having a good weekend.

  14. Some wonderful finds!!! Especially love the tureen!

  15. Cute post! Love that tureen....

    Hope you have a great Pink Saturday!

    I appreciate your comments!


  16. I adore charity shops too. The ones where I used to live were brilliant and I was spoilt. I love to go back and rummage through the rails and shelves. I still do a bit of charity shop stuff here but it's not so good, although I did find a brilliant flower pressing book with vintage pages and waxy sleeves that would be fantastic as a journal

    Have a lovely weekend and thanks so much for visiting me, I always love hearing from you!

    Carolyn x

  17. Just discovered your blog [via Floss] and had to read every post right back to the start. Got Ever So Excited about St Albans theatre pictures - back in the Dark Ages [1970s], my beloved was president of Marconi Instruments Theatrical Soc, and they put on a play there, and he had a starring role.
    And yes, I remember Brentford Nylons too!
    Thanks for so many happy memories
    Blessings xx

  18. Love all your wonderful finds especially the tureen which looks great but is so useful too. I know how you feel about getting out to the charity shops, I got real withdrawal symptoms during the bad weather. I have found bargains a bit thin on the ground since Christmas, I think a lot of the shops are struggling for donations so I do try and take stuff along as well as to buy.
    Ann x

  19. I absolutely cannot get over your finds... they are incredible! Absolutely lovely! And I know what you mean about the high prices some places on second hand goods--actually makes me rather angry, this greediness. I love the little gardening book... I like to come across old books like that. The vest is a knock out! Not sure what color to add with it, I'd have to consult my color wheel. That tureen is lovely, and the 'Start Crochet' book will be wonderful.As you say, the techniques won't go out of style. I must tell you, on your comment on my blog, you mentioned wanting Indiana Jones to accompany on your treasure hunts---my brother--'Tom Terrific', lives in a town by the name of Indianola, and he calls himself 'Indianola Jones'. Have a great day!

  20. Oh, and Annie mentioned donating items also---I do that too--so funny, drop my things off in an effort to clear out the house, and then what do I do? Bring more home!

  21. My husband and I have watched that show you have referred to in the top photo--- can't think of the name of it. We watch that along with 'Keeping Up Appearances' and a couple of other English shows on Sunday afternoons here.I always like seeing the outdoor scenes, like to look at the homes, gardens, streets, etc.

  22. I'm loving the forks with the strawberries atop! They are such fun....

  23. Your tureen is just gorgeous and will make any table look elegant. You had a very successful day out thrifting!

    I read your Erosion bundle post. Sounds intriguing.



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