Thursday, 11 August 2011

A Lesson Learned

Oh dearie, dearie me.

Before I begin my tale I have to confess something:

My name is Andi and I sometimes do the school run in my pjs.

It's true. I have a tendency to be a Slummy Mummy.

I had been warned by my bestest friend,

'What if the car breaks down?'

On a ten minute run? How likely is that?


So I'm driving M to the train station, both wondering what the sudden strange noise was...

M deserts me - he has a train to catch.

RAC ETA - 2 hours.

I'm only about a mile from home so I decide to walk back...

up the steepest hill in the area....

Not only am I dressed in my pjs, I'm also desperate for the loo.

The effort of walking uphill is obviously putting pressure on my bladder and the desperation increases.

I'm walking like Max Wall...

To distract my thoughts, I text bestest friend to say I'll never scoff at her warnings again.

She replied 'Don't break into a run or they'll think you've escaped from the local hospital'.

We have lots of traffic on our road. Goodness knows what they thought.

Fortunately I only met one other person walking towards me


Is there ANYTHING better than the blessed relief of reaching a toilet in such circumstances?

I've learned my lesson. From now on I'll dress before playing chauffeur.


Andi xx

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Born To Be Wild

Happy Sunday to you all!

I had put this sign in the wild patch in the garden but the colours ran in the rain, even though I used my sooper-dooper new laminator (I think the rain got in through the staple holes. Doh!).

The flowers are so beautiful. I think I prefer them to pedigree blooms.

I'm definitely a wild flower gal. I'm planning to expand the wild bed next year.

Moving away from the wild side...

I'm not especially fond of roses. I'm not into the colour pink either, but these roses are beautiful. It's a David Austin Old English scented rose and I believe it's called Ausbreeze:


are you ready for the heartbreak picture of this post?

Steal yourselves...

Elsie had her girlie tubes tied on Wednesday. She was very down in the tail for 24 hours, but soon perked up. The vet took her dressing off yesterday and she now has to wear the cone for a week to prevent her scratching, biting and licking the wound.

I feel so guilty.

Not only have I put her through all this horrible stuff, she'll never experience motherhood.

And I won't get to have grandpuppies.



Andi xx