Saturday, 29 October 2011


Happy Halloween weekend everyone.

Along with having loads of fun with my photos over at this site:


I thought I'd take the opportunity this mystical weekend to tell you about the ghost I believe is in our house, because you never truly know what lies behind closed doors.

Our house is over a hundred years old and I know at least one person has gasped their last breath here. Who knows how many others?

The house was originally owned by a Welshman who had a career in the stock exchange and was later knighted. It's his ghost I believe is in our house.

Come in and I'll tell you about it...

We first moved here when my daughter was one year old. In the first few months, at bedtime, I would carry her up the stairs and held her so that her face was looking over my shoulder.

She would point behind and say 'Man; man' as though someone was following us up the stairs.

Quite often, mostly where the kitchen would have been, I smell cigars. I love the smell of cigars but no one in our family smokes.

(okay I admit to becoming quite fond of herbal cigarettes during our production of Hay Fever but it only lasted for two weeks

and I ALWAYS smoked them outside and...yeah well.)

Then when she was three there was an evening when she came to the door of my study where I was writing and said 'I want a cuddle.'

'Okay then,' I said, opening my arms.

'I can't,' she replied. 'The man is in the way.'

'What man?'

'The man on the floor.'

At the time giving my daughter a cuddle was more important than any prostrate ghost, so I kicked the unseen heap out of the way and daughter came straight over to me.

I've often heard a voice say 'Hello?' when I've been alone in the house and I also think our ghost may be a bit of a randy old devil, because once when I was cleaning my teeth I felt a hand grab my bum. I screamed and turned, but I was alone.

OoohErrr, Missus.

Now that's the only evidence I have that we have a ghost and it may not sound much, but when you actually experience it, it's pretty hair-raising.

Also on this Halloween weekend we have a macabre incident:

Two of my Guatemalan worry dolls have been savaged, decapitated and mangled.

As yet we have no evidence as to who perpetrated this heinous crime, but we do have a suspect:

Looking into my crystal ball my dears, I can see you're all destined to have a wonderful weekend.


Samhain blessings,

Andi xx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Penultimate Car Boot

I am astounded to realise I've only been to two car boot sales this year. I can only think it's because of the arrival of a certain little puppy. Yesterday I went to our local car boot (with Elsie) and spent the grand total of £3.

(I used to complain privately about people who brought their dogs to car boot sales. Now I'm one of them!)

This card of mop buttons was 50p. I wasn't cheeky enough to ask for a discount because of the broken one.

The finger dressing and the tablets for aching legs were for my whimsical medicine cabinet in the downstairs loo. I just pick up these old bottles and things when I see them. They cost 50p for the two. The Elasto tablets for aching legs make me smile.

Four drawers from sewing machine tables cost £2.

The reason I bought these is because quite a while ago another blogger did a post about sewing machine table drawers and I CAN'T REMEMBER WHO IT WAS. All I remember is liking what she'd done, whether it was decorating them or putting them to some clever use.

Do any of you know who I'm talking about? Because if I don't find out, I've a feeling I'll be stuck with four redundant drawers.

Next week is the last car boot of the season, which I will try to go to. Perhaps I'll leave Elsie behind as she does hinder my search somewhat - although she does get lots of admirers.


Andi xx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Keys and a Haircut

I saw a key box in a charity shop.

It wasn't the box that attracted me it was the old keys that decorated the front.

Someone had sewn the keys onto some fabric. The fabric was stained and not a pretty sight, so I took the keys off.

While I decide how best to display them, I thought you might like to see them:

Obviously one is to a clock, but the others are quite delicate. I imagine they were used for cabinets or boxes as they would snap if used for anything as tough as a door lock.

On a completely different subject, Elsie had her first bath and haircut on Tuesday.

I couldn't believe underneath that mop was a Welsh Terrier.

It's probably just my imagination but she seems better behaved now all the fur has gone (apart from chewing Dad's slipper, of course).


Andi xx