Monday, 25 April 2011

At Home

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful time. We didn't go away for the holiday as Elsie has only just had her second lot of vaccinations. However, we did go out for her first official walk:

She was interested in everything and of course got lots of attention from people we met. She's very nervous of other dogs though, so we have to ease her in gently with a few smaller, calmer dogs.

She is gradually losing the black on her face and the brown fur is coming through.

We took her to a local park which has country walks, a walled garden and an outdoor theatre. I liked these seats:

Elsie is chewing everything. She bites the blooms off flowers - attracted by the nodding action. Today she ate a wasp. I believe she is Imelda Marcos reincarnated as she LOVES shoes.

This weekend saw the demise of Sasha and Elaine:

(Yes, I have named my clothes pegs. Why not?)

And my garden trolls have been terrorised outside their own front door.

Elsie drags them off by the hair.

What a monster!

This is a bloom she has not been able to reach. A paeony we inherited from the previous owner of our house:

This week I am linking to Met Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch. These stepladders I bought at a car boot last year for £4.

They've been in the shed ever since while I waited for time and opportunity to paint them:

I got the idea for white stepladders to display plants from Sal over at Sal's Snippets

Sal has a greenhouse and surrounding area I covet.

I've been having fun in the garden during the glorious weather we've been having. I'll show you some more next time.

Andi xx