Sunday, 27 March 2011

Absolute Chaos



Our little Welsh Terrier came to live with us last Sunday and since then has given us a week of chaos and love.

It's like caring for a new baby again. I can only get chores done when she's sleeping. Oh but she's soooooo sweet.

I'm sorry I haven't got too many nice pics of her yet. She seems very curious about the camera...

But I hope to post some nicer ones later on.

This morning was the first morning there wasn't any crying or howling. I hope she's finally settled in. She certainly looks it during the day


Andi (and Elsie) xx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday News

A word of advice

However gently and responsibly you swing a sledgehammer

you will still ache down one side in the morning.


Today is a very exciting day in the Attic household.

We are expecting a new addition to the family.

Here's a clue

I promise to post a pic ASAP.


Andi xx

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Picture taken from

I read this post at One Shabby Old House a little while ago and it inspired me to dust down my juicer and begin using it. I've been feeling completely devoid of energy since Christmas and I thought juicing might help.

So I've been juicing every morning for a week now. My favourite so far is carrot, apple, kiwi and parsley. It's delicious and seems to be helping my energy levels. However...

This morning a piece of kiwi flew out of the juicer before I could push it down the funnel:

It ended up on my ceiling!

(quite difficult photographing something stuck to the ceiling)

A few weeks ago I was given this lovely award by Amy over at Blighty Boutique

I am to tell you seven things about myself. Seven. I'm running out of things to tell you - I'm a very boring person really. Hey, perhaps that could count as the first one?

1. I got 'unclassified' for my CSE maths exam (for those who don't know, this was the lowest level of exam you could be entered for back in the 70's). My talent in this subject really is abysmal.

2. I once tried for a job as dolphin trainer (no maths needed here!).

3. Although I admire their beauty and grace from a far, I am not fond of cats. This may stem from the time at infant school when our headmistress (an old battleaxe if ever there was one) shouted 'mind where you're walking'. In a crowd of about 100 children how was I supposed to know she was shouting at me? I stepped on the school cat's tail. I was made to apologise to the cat in front of the whole school.

4. I am a quarter Welsh and I'm inexplicably thrilled about it.

5. I love the old fashioned penny slot machines and would like to own one one day.

6. When I was small I was convinced the wind was whispering my name.

7. I believe in ghosts and that we have one in our present house. My daughter used to see 'him' when she was very little. Now she's older she no longer sees him but I occassionally get a whiff of ghostly cigar.

Thanks Amy for passing on this award. Now, as with other awards, I'm supposed to pass this on to a number of others. I am reluctant to do this as I can't pick out any in particular. Let's put it this way, I wouldn't follow your blog if I didn't enjoy reading it and in my opinion you are all deserving of the:


Andi xx