Thursday, 28 July 2011

So easy it's almost cheating

I've sewn something!

And as my title says, it was so easy I feel I'm cheating even telling you about it.

I needed a peg bag. My pegs until now have been kept in a plastic freezer bag - not a great sight. So when I found a blue spotty top in a charity shop, I thought making it into a peg bag would be a wheeze.

The woman who sold the top to me folded it up so carefully, I didn't have the heart to tell her I'd be cutting it up.

I've sewn three sides and done a bit of cutting. How simple was that? I feel it's hardly worth telling you about it. However, I did have to contend with some interruption...

Having never heard the sewing machine working before, Elsie was rather curious.

So perhaps this will explain why I'm feeling ever so slightly triumphant.


Andi xx

Monday, 25 July 2011

Flat Battery. Darn!

First Harvest

Three blueberries from my garden.

So proud.

Thank you George the Lad and Rose H. The unidentified flower in my last post is indeed a Pheasant Berry (what a fantastic name). Sherri B. I thought it was some kind of fushia too. Looks very much like it, doesn't it?

School holidays are upon us so I took my daughter up to London for a girls' day out. I knew I should take my camera but the battery was flat. Darn! So here to help the tale along are some 'borrowed' photos.

First stop was Zara's at Oxford Circus where I bought a shirt and daughter tried on a white leather-look jacket. The jacket was lovely, but too old for my daughter, much to her disgust.

Then a stroll down Regent Street led us to All Saints.

Oh My!

Here is where I wished I'd had my camera. The shop was fitted out with hundreds of vintage sewing machines. Floor to ceiling.

Can you see in this pic?

There were also mangles and (I think) cider presses. I loved the shop just for the decor.

The clothes, alas, were out of my budget (£40 for a t-shirt? I don't think so) and of a style I'd imagine Helena Bonham Carter would wear on her more casual days. I loved it.

Then on to M&M World.

Again floor-to-ceiling decor only this time it was practical and edible. Tube after tube of M&Ms all the usual colours and more (black?). Clothes, toys - even dog chews. We had a great time.

Armed with a bag each of our favourite colours we made our way to the Novello Theatre in the Strand for the matinee of Betty Blue Eyes.

This is a musical version of Alan Bennett's 'A Private Function' and boasts an animated pig called Betty (voice supplied by Kylie Minogue, no less).

It was a jolly, patriotic kind of show that sent us home humming the tunes and wishing we had Union Jacks to wave.

A grand day out. Next time, I'll be sure to recharge the camera battery. Tch!


Andi xx

ps - thank you for all your congratulations re the play. Made me beam. xx

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Elsie, Some News and a Question

I meant to show you the pics of Elsie first, but it seems the following uploaded in this particular order, so here goes:

WE WON! The play wot I wrote won Best Production in the festival. Along with the brilliant performance by the cast we had them almost rolling in the aisles. I was so astonished. I was hoping for a couple of laughs and a few chuckles. The response was amazing.

Here I am collecting the trophy from the Festival Coordinator:

(Perhaps I'll remember to relax my shoulders next time.)

This has certainly encouraged me to write more for the stage.

NEXT - Elsie. Butter wouldn't melt, eh?

Here she is with a towel stolen from the downstairs loo:

Earlier on today she 'helped' me dig a hole for a paeony. Digging deep...

...and then deeper...

The other morning I found I'd left a cushion to my swing seat out all night. It had rained and the cushion was very wet. I left it in the kitchen to dry by the Aga while I went out for coffee....came back to find the kitchen filled with foam and a very amused puppy. Hmmmm.

Lastly, can anyone help me identify this plant?

I bought it at a car boot sale last year. The seller didn't know what it was either but told me it grew well and was easy to care for. I've searched google images but can't find it.

I'll try and blog more often from now on.


Andi xx