Saturday, 7 December 2013


Hello, is anyone still there?

Firstly, apologies for being absent for so long.  Almost the whole year.  I am alive and well but my energy and enthusiasm for writing my blog disappeared.  I have continued to read your blogs with interest and getting lots of inspiration from them. Thank you for helping me along with a few projects!

Not a very remarkable year has passed and there's not much to tell, but I thought you might be interested in seeing some pics from the cruise I went on in October to Norway.  What a beautiful country with breath-taking scenery.  It was cold, but really not as cold as you'd think (especially wearing thermals).

This is the kind of view we had most days from the ship.
Cold, clean, fresh air.

When we crossed the Arctic Circle we were offered an Arctic baptism.  This is me about to be baptised by King Neptune.  He is about to pour a ladle-full of ice cubes down my back.  It was a shock, even though it was expected.  When I got back down to my cabin to change into dry clothes about twenty ice cubes scattered across the floor.

A Sami man in traditional costume and with a real live reindeer!

Imagine having to survive an Arctic winter when this is your home.

The northern-most post box in Europe

Tromsk cathedral
Built in the 1960's, a surprisingly beautiful building to come out of a decade not known for its inspiring architecture.
We were fortunate to be visiting while the choir was rehearsing.  I have a video but couldn't get blogger to upload it.

This is Mikael.  He spent the evening telling us about making natural medicines from the plants that grow locally.  He also taught us how to Yoik, which is the ancient Norwegian way of singing and, no, I don't have a recording of our efforts.
This kind of singing has only been allowed again since the 1950's after having been banned for hundreds of years by the Christian church because of its connections with the ancient, pagan ways.  The church will still not allow it to be used on its premises, but we were free to spend a pleasant hour or so stretching our vocal chords.

Here's something you might not have known - the reindeer that pull Santa's sleigh are FEMALE.
Yes, the male reindeer have their antlers in the summer.  Females grow them in for the winter.  So Donna and Blitzen (and Rudolph.  I guess the lyrics to THAT song should be changed) are GIRLIES.

This was a very special, magical and spiritual trip for me.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit.
Another post soon.  I want to show you my crafting efforts.
Hope all your Christmas preparations are going well.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Beautiful Boys

Every now and then I pick up old photographs from car boots or charity shops.  They are usually pre-1940 and always of people.

These three little boys have been in my possession for a number of years.  The photo was taken by E.I. Ellery of Truro, Newquay and Perranporth in Cornwall and the writing on the back says,

Wishing you a Very Happy Xmas
Horace Eugene and Thew(?)

I love that the youngest has his cuddly toy with him
and the eldest looks as though he may have been given his daddy's pocket watch for the occasion.  His body language is unmistakably that of the big brother in charge!

What a shame there's no surname to help find out more about them.  

I just hope they all made it through the war.


Thursday, 10 January 2013


Elsie decided to go her own way during our walk this morning.

She dived into a thicket after a scent or something and disappeared for over an hour.

The place was deserted, I was frozen and almost in tears when she suddenly came running from the other end of the path.  

She was filthy after digging and putting her head down rabbit holes and looked thoroughly pleased with herself.

She went straight home for a bath.

She's in disgrace.

I'm sorry I haven't updated for a long time.  From September onwards I had a lot of things going on and something had to give.  I'd rather spend time reading all your blogs than keeping up with my own.  Now things have calmed down a bit (excluding missing dogs) I may update more often - that is, as long as I've got anything worth blogging about.
(but it was good to get this morning's upset off my chest).

Andi xx