Thursday, 25 November 2010

Senior Moments

I had a senior moment the other day. Not forgetting why I'd gone into a room, or where I'd put my car keys or anything as trivial as that, oh no. This one has caused a gunshot of laughter whenever I've told the tale. Hoping it will also bring a smile to your face (and may I also hope, a little sympathy?), I relate it here:

Sitting down to write out a birthday card for my ex sister-in-law, I realised I would need my glasses. I got up, found glasses, put them on and then continued writing the card, addressing the envelope and sealing it. Not until it was all done did I realise...I'd put my hat on instead of my glasses.

I've had just one other momentous moment in my life, but I my kids were small then and I blame early motherhood rather than age:

A light bulb had blown on the landing upstairs. I went all the way downstairs, collected a new light bulb and the stepladders and went all the way back up. I was standing under the light preparing to go up and it was that moment I realised I'd collected the ironing board instead of the ladder.

Please, please comfort me ladies by telling me I'm not alone in these 'brain on holiday' moments. If you've experienced anything similar, I would love to hear them.

Oh, by the way, I'm hoping to have a little giveaway on 1st December, so please come back then for a visit.

And HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all in the USA!




Friday, 19 November 2010

Lovely Things

Right, let's get this blog dusted and up and running again.

I've been enjoying visiting all your blogs but don't seem to have been able to get on with my own, but a surprise happening this week has encouraged me to write...

The lovely Amy over at Blighty Boutique ( (my link gadget doesn't seem to be working) had a giveaway. There were two prizes but Amy found she had such a response that she decided to have an, unplanned, third prize. I was the lucky third prize winner. This is what arrived at my door last Tuesday...

Lots of goodies. Embroidery patterns for gnomes and fairies:

A beautiful retro Christmas card...

and inside....

A postcard advertising something I wouldn't pick off the shelf in the supermarket. I would suggest a new marketing name...

Thank you so much, Amy. It was a sweet package to brighten up my day. Please pay a visit to Amy's lovely, fun blog and start her on her way to 200 followers.

What else has happened? Oh, a trip to Dublin with best friend Tammy. We stayed at The Gresham Hotel where I had the best fillet steak EVER. Dublin is a lovely city and we must have walked miles, visiting all the charity shops we could find.

They have green post boxes in Dublin...

And Guiness toucans...

(I love toucans)

And some wonderful places to eat. This is where we had breakfast...

Yes, Butler's Chocolate Cafe. Wonderful.

The trip wasn't just on a whim. Some of you might remember I'm (just a tiny bit) a fan of Alan Rickman. He is in a play at the moment (John Gabriel Borkman by Ibsen) at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin with Lindsey Duncan and Fiona Shaw, and the opportunity to see him on stage was too much for me to resist (even though it involved a flight to Dublin).

The production was wonderful. I was very happy.

Oh, and then there was our own production of Hay Fever which was so much fun. Noel Coward's plays are such wonderful things to be involved in and I enjoyed every minute (even when my bracelet got caught on the sofa and I had to improvise until I'd got it free!)

Here is one of my costumes. The infamous fur I spoke about a few months ago (the rabbit would have been about 90 had it lived). All the costumes I wore were authentic 1920's and were gorgeous:

Lots of other things have been happening, but I think that's enough for one post.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.



Thursday, 11 November 2010

Thomas Hooper
c. 1898-1916

Frederick Andrews

'For your tomorrows we gave our todays'

Both my grandfathers fought in and survived WW1 but both lost their younger only brothers - named above.

My son celebrated his eighteenth birthday on Tuesday. I can't and don't want to think how it would feel to wave him off to war.

This morning at 11.00 I remembered not only those who fought and fell (on both sides of the trenches - most of the 'enemy' didn't want to be there either), but also the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters who watched their loved ones go.