Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I don't like 'em, the kids don't like 'em, but M and his family DO like brussels sprouts and as everyone would be joining us for Christmas, I resigned myself to having to cook these horrid little vegetables as part of the Christmas feast.



On Christmas Eve I happened to be reading the letters page in the Daily Telegraph and there, in a letter from a Stuart Gillies in Chester, was advice on how to get sprout-haters to eat them:

'Fry a chopped rasher or two of smoked bacon. Add sprouts, cut in half and fry a little more. Add enough chicken stock almost to cover and reduce until barely cooked and the stock is getting sticky. Delicious!'

And they were, too! The youngest even had a second portion! Thank you, thank you Stuart Gillies of Chester. We are converted. May sprouts forever grace your life.

I hope everyone's Christmas was wonderful despite burst frozen pipes, trees falling down and boilers going on holiday. Here're some pics of my pressies this year. I must say, I've been a very lucky girl:

The Cath Kidston bag, Make do and Mend book and jumper were from M (the jumper came from the Oxfam shop on the King's Road, London. Am SO going there in the New Year!).

My brother bought me this make-your-own Camper Van, which I thought was a great gift seeings how there's no way on earth I shall ever own a real one.

This adorable elephant pin cushion was from my sister-in-law and family. Not sure I have the heart to stick pins in him though.

And I happen to know this little cake stand came from the Country Living fair because I pointed it out to my mum at the time. Lo and behold, there it was Christmas morning underneath my tree. Thanks, Mum (and I'm pretty sure you didn't organise the fire alarms going off at the Fair, and consequent evacuation of the whole building just so you could buy this without me knowing. Pretty sure).



Andi xx


  1. It looks like you got some lovely gifts.
    I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are staying warm


  2. SPROUTS RULE !!! Tehehehe. We do love them.
    The strawberry cakestand is adorable.

  3. I like sprouts ,but I'm going to give that recipe a go...sounds delicious,glad you're converted.Cake stand is very sweet,but even better with cakes on top!I was in M and S yesterday when all the lights went out.Everyone just sort of went quiet and stood still....I couldn't help laughing( that's my weird sense of humour!).
    Happy New Year to you too!


  4. oo no to thye sprouts!! i normally force myself to eat one just because its christmas!!

    We went to see santa at selfridges, it was fine but i have seen better ones. I've heard harrods is good x

  5. Andi- I wouldn't be too sure about your mom not orchestrating the evacuation--You know how we moms are :). I love the cake stand. The first time I served brussel sprouts after we were married my husband asked why we were eating baby lettuce. He was a late-in-life third child who never ate ANYTHING green until he married me. He would however eat them with bacon !! Happy new decade!

  6. The elephant pin cushion from your sister-in-law is adorable...and how cute of your brother to give you a camper...looks like he knows what you like.

  7. Hello Andi
    What a lot of lovely gifts you've had - I especially like the cake stand with the hanging strawberries!
    Wishing you a jolly New Year's Eve and may the year ahead bring you joy, health and sprinkling of magic,
    Happy days to you!
    Denise x

  8. I love sprouts! But they are nice with bacon. Happy new year! suzie. xxx

  9. Happy New Year Andi. What lovely pressies you had, the cake stand is so sweet. Thanks for the brussel sprout tip , I will give it ago they sound pretty nice.
    Ann x

  10. I've only had Brussel Sprouts a couple of times, but I like them okay. Your recipe sounds good. My husband has that very same VW van. I did a post December '08 and used it as a prop for hauling a toy Christmas tree...


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