Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My First Album

Hi everyone,

First I want to say thank you SO much for all the lovely comments on my last post. I think the tureen got the most votes for best find. It really will be used only for very special occasions as the stamp on the bottom reads 'permanent detergent proof decoration', which I take as a warning not to put it in the dishwasher. Anything that doesn't go in the dishwasher is used very reluctantly! I received 22 comments on that post and that's a record.

Speaking of records, there is a fab giveaway over at Dreaming of the Simple Life and to enter we have to post about the first album we ever bought.

Well, I ploughed my memories and remembered that the first album I ever owned was this one:

I was absolutely besotted with this film - my mum took me to see it twice. I came home and announced I was either going to be a nun or an actress when I grew up. Years later I tried for the later, but no way on earth was the first ever going to be realised!

My parents indulged me and bought the soundtrack for me. I think it was about 30 shillings. However, as this was a gift, I don't think it counts as the first album I ever bought, so going forward a few years I believe the first album I ever used my own money for was this:

Anyone remember this series? The albums cost something like 70p and the artists were sound-a-likes. I would have bought it from Alan Freeman's record shop at the Angel, Edmonton probably using record tokens I'd got for my birthday.

Ah, those innocent days *sigh*.


Andi xx


  1. My sister and I nearly wore out Mum and Dad's Sound of music LP,and knew all the words of the songs off by heart.


  2. Cor, LP's - that brings back memories. I used to love the 12" records you could buy! Those were the days. I think my first one was Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen!

  3. I've still got my LPs :-) I think we may even have The Sound of Music as well! Still got to do my post on my first LP.

  4. Well...wait til you hear this...I got Alan Freeman's autograph when we visited the Radio Show in London, in the 1960s!
    I will always remember him writing, 'Hi Sally,Love Alan Freeman'
    BTW My first two albums were by The Beatles.
    I got them for passing my 11+ !!!

  5. Hi Andi ... a Hertfordshire girl you can't be too far away from me then. Thanks for joining in on the blogiversary music challenge and giveaway ..... our local newsagent used to have a stand with the TOTP albums and I can remember going to the cinema around half a dozen times to see the Sound of Music. Memories xxx

  6. My sister named her tiny blue toy cat Maria after seeing TSOM for the first time! Have you been to one of the Singalongs? Quite incredible...

    I liked the idea of that second album - some great songs - until you reminded me they were cover versions. Life has really changed, hasn't it?

  7. Hello Andi

    Thank you very much for your kind and comforting words. They are very much appreciated.
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  8. Such wonderful memories! I still sing some of the songs -from the movie- to my kids and they have no idea where I learned it from. I should rent the movie for them but kids these days don't have the same appreciation.


  9. i used to have the sound of music too, and quite a few top of the pops as well! suzie. xxx

  10. I love the Sound of Music too. I LOVE that green and white tureen you bought.
    Thank you for visiting me,

  11. Thanks for coming to visit. I am thinking of doing a post about "who would you like to play you". I love that you want Emma Thompson to play you. A few months back I did a post dedicated to Emma. Two of my favorite "emotionally profound" movie scenes have her in them. Since I noticed that both movies are on your favorite movie list, I am sure you know the scenes. (Movies...Sense and Sensibility and Love Actually)

  12. Those Top of the Pos LP's were soooooo bad!! They weren't even the real singers!! We had a few of them too. xxx

  13. That Top Of The Pops Album was a real "blast from the past"......... thank you. Looking at it stirred up memories.

  14. Dear Sweet Andi,

    I tried emailing you back just now but it was returned...


    I will send it again though and maybe it will go through.


  15. I remember those Top of the Pops albums only too well. Pop over to my blog. I've got something for you.


  16. what a lovely album to have bought as your first!! xx

  17. Dear Andi
    Thank you for your lovely comment about penpals/letters and the immediacy of emails - I really like what you wrote :-)
    I laughed out loud at your early career choice of convent life, not least because I desperately wanted to be a Nun for several years! I have to say the tranquility and simplicity of lifestyle still holds an attraction ;-)
    Have a lovely week,
    Denise x

  18. What a great blog! Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane. I remember, and really love, many of those songs!

  19. One of my favorite musicals! I bought the DVD about 10 years ago, and no one will let me watch it at home!

    Lovely blog!


  20. Thank you for visiting me again! I think your teacher sounded awful, what a horrible thing to do in front of the whole class! They don't seem to realise what effect their comments make sometimes! Have a lovely weekend! suzie xxx

  21. I had that very same Sound of Music Album - and a Top of The Pops album from Woolworths was a real treat

  22. Top of the Pops: Before airbrushing! How refreshing! :)
    Wonderful blog, btw. Stumbled across it from A Bun Can Dance. :)


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