Monday, 12 March 2012


Dead may tree where I wanted to plant a lilac shrub.

Three hours,

one spade,

one fork,

one sledgehammer

one saw and

a bit of female muscle later...

A little help from Elsie (not)...

and the may tree was out of the ground.

Am SO looking forward to a nice long bubble bath.


Yesterday Elsie had been part of our family for a whole year. Tomorrow she is meeting up with her mum (Olive) and sister (Doris) for the first time since leaving the nest.

Knowing Elsie it could go either way but I'll take my camera and let you all know how we get on.

Another thing I hope to show you soon is the beach quilt I've been working on. Hope to have that finished this week.


Andi xx


  1. Wow, I am seriously impressed. I struggled for an age just trying to remove a rose bush last year nad eventually gave up and had to call in some masculine muscle! M x

  2. Move over Poppeye!

    I'm sure Elsie will be fine. My friends terrier had a large litter of puppies who meet every year on or around their birthday. There is never any friction, it's as if they recognise their family members.

    1. That had to take some muscles. I always wondered if the pups and mom remember each other.

  3. errrr excuse me Wonderwoman, I have a tiny itsy weeny favour to ask....
    just where I want to put my basil and rosemary pots, there's a rowan tree...and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

    I bet that was the most well earned bubblebath ever!

    Good luck with Elsie

  4. What determination!!! Congrats on the purchase of your first mini blythe btw :)

    Sandy xox

  5. did you take photos of when Elsie met her family? Can't wait to see them,



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