Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Shawshank Redemption Quilt

All those who wear glasses to read blogs

please take them off now.

All those who don't wear glasses...well, just half close your eyes to look at the following pics.

I've finished my beach quilt!

(thank you; thank you)

It's very far from perfect, which is why I don't want you to look too closely.

Made from charity shop shirts and castoffs from my husband's wardrobe (whether he was aware of it or not. )

The squares had been cut in my life-before-dog and have been waiting patiently to be sewn together for a whole year or more. The centre embroidery was bought at a car boot sale for 50p.

I'm sure I'd worked out a better pattern for the squares, but I'm afraid I just took them as they came out of the pile and sewed them together.

(oh look, a dog toy on the left)


The backing is part of a duvet cover also bought from a charity shop.

How the Quilt Got Its Name

It is meant for the beach, oh best beloved, and as British beaches are very often covered in pebbles, I thought it would be a good idea to double the filling, you know, make it more comfy.

Bad idea.

After I had (with great difficulty) quilted it all together, I realised it hadn't been such a good idea and bravely decided to unpick it all. Yes, unpick all the quilting stitches.

I put a DVD on one Sunday afternoon and spent the duration unpicking.

The film was The Shawshank Redemption so that is how the quilt got its name.

The Shawshank Redemption quilt

(and I must say I was very glad to have a visual diversion during some of the more brutal parts of the film.)

Now I have the quilting bug but I want to learn to do it properly.

I'd seen some Japanese quilting which I liked a lot so I ordered this book from Amazon

Not only is it full of beautiful things to make with Japanese fabric it also had a picture and instructions for this beautiful quilt

Quite by chance I then discovered a quilting supply shop not so very far from where I live and today I went there.

An Aladdin's cave of fabric.

I bought this

And I've signed up for quilting classes. I begin at the end of April and the Japanese quilt is the one I'm going to make.

So excited!


Andi xx


  1. Good for you on finishing your quilt! It turned out very nice...Did you hear me moan when you said 'picking' all of that stitching out, my neck hurts just thinking about it! - So nice that you are taking a class, please share as you go along. xo

  2. This quilt is amazing and I totally love the name (and that film, isn't it great?!)
    Well done you for spending so long getting it right, you will be pleased you did in the long run.
    I have just moved to a pebbly beach, having lived inland all my life, and now I wish I had an extra padded bum to make it comfy when I sit down. Oh hang on, I DO have extra padding in the bottom region, I've been overdoing on Mini Eggs!!!!!
    Lovely post me dear, hope you are well.
    xx x x xx

  3. Looks great even with my glasses on! And I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one completely derailed from all activities when the puppy arrived. I have not had one single morning meditation or done any first-draft writing since the day we got Zoe in December. Thank heavens they grow up lots faster than kids, and are so darned cute!

  4. looking forward to following your quilty career! Don't forget to make a label for the back of your quilt Andi :-D

  5. it looks pretty darn perfect to me...and I came over all in a flush expecting to see Morgan Freeman snuggled up in it ;)

    SR is one film I've always wanted to see but I'm so squeamish I can't pluck up courage. I think I still have PTS from when Bambi's mother was shot...

  6. Oh please let me know where the shop is!

    The quilt looks good, and you are very brave for unpicking it and starting again, but I bet it was worth it. I love anything in blues and I think the colours look great you have combined them all well.

  7. It's a lovely quilt and worth all the hassle of unpicking I'm sure.I hope we have lots of beach weather to come so you can put it to good use.
    The classes sound fun.
    Have a happy weekend! :0)

  8.'s fabulous (and i looked close!)
    have fun at your classes
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  9. Andi, your quilt is beautiful. Remember the longest journey starts with small steps! I wouldn't even attempt to make a quilt, give yourself a pat on the back.
    Rose H

  10. that is a gorgeous quilt, well done.

    The recipe for Wibbly Wobbly pudding is mix the Jello/Jelly with 1 cup of boiling water. Mix in either 2 cups of vanilla ice cream or 1 can of Carnation Milk......not Condensed Milk. Pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours to set.


  11. I think your quilt is great and so neat that you were able to use all thrifted fabrics. I haven't ventured to a big quilt yet- my next venture is to go to a felting technique class with a friend.

  12. That is one beautiful quilt! My Husband loves that movie :)

    Sandy xox


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