Monday, 5 March 2012


It's a dog's life.

Elsie having a snooze in her bed under my desk.

We had a nasty meeting with a neighbour on Saturday morning.

Elsie and I were returning from our walk around the reservoir when she stopped to have a good sniff at a garden wall.

The owner of the house came flying out shouting how dare I let my dog foul outside his house?

I told him she was just sniffing but he didn't believe me and came out to check. When he realised I was telling the truth he just turned his back on me and returned to the house shouting 'I'm fed up with you dog owners messing up my property'.

No apology or anything.

I hope he is actually a nice man so that he spent the rest of the weekend feeling guilty about how he behaved because it certainly soured my day.

Ho hum.


Andi xx


  1. Ah,bless,she looks so cosy!
    Sorry you had the wrath of your neighbour.The trouble is it's the people that DON'T clear up after their dogs that give us all a bad name.Hopefully next time you see him,he'll have thought about it and will apologise for shouting at you.
    Have a good week. :0)

  2. I had to look for awhie to find her head, hah.
    So sorry about the neighbor. We have one that rides all over our neighborhood in a motorized chair with her golden doodle. She carried plastic bags and has a hard time getting off and on to pick up the gifts he leaves behind. He wet alla over my ground cover and killed it. Maybe I should have run out and yelled at her, hah. I wouldn't but I did think of putting a little sign there with something funny on it. Your little dog wouldn't leave enough of anything to bother with.
    Have a good week.

  3. Aww, Elsie looks SO CUTE!
    I'm afraid my patience would have run out with that neighbour - how bloody rude.
    Rose H

  4. Oh how awful! I think that the biggest blame lies with lazy dog owners who do not pick up after their dogs! I have three dogs and we try to carry to full poop bags in a visible place just so that people don't scowl at us because someone else has not cleaned up after their dogs. 9 times out of ten I try to pick up anything even if my dogs didn't do it.

    You dog is so cute!

  5. I had to look carefully to work out which was her head and which was her tail end LOL

  6. Most none dog owners seen to tar all dog owers with the same brush!I'll never forget taking our last dog Jack a Yorkie to an air show, we had been there around 3 hours and of course he had to go, while in the middle of doing it a women with her husband and small child walks pasted saying that's just so disgusting, I waited until Jack had finshed put his poo in a bag and ran after her pushed the bag into her face and said" don't tar all dog owners with the same brush" the look on her face was a picture.
    Another good tip one of my friends have said if you see a fellow dog owner that dosen't look like he or she is going to pick up his dogs mess, shout over and say I have some bags you can have. Not done that but I can see a time when I will. Hi Elsie good to see you.

  7. how awful, i can imagine how upset and angry you must have felt. silly man should have thought before he opened his mouth.
    she looks mighty cosy x
    love jooles x

  8. I have been at both sides of this argument, however as a dog owner I always pick up after Molly,


  9. What a horrid man. In situations like this I always feel sorry for the wife. Imagine being married to such a grumpy husband. Your encounter lasted minutes, hers considerably longer!



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