Sunday, 7 August 2011

Born To Be Wild

Happy Sunday to you all!

I had put this sign in the wild patch in the garden but the colours ran in the rain, even though I used my sooper-dooper new laminator (I think the rain got in through the staple holes. Doh!).

The flowers are so beautiful. I think I prefer them to pedigree blooms.

I'm definitely a wild flower gal. I'm planning to expand the wild bed next year.

Moving away from the wild side...

I'm not especially fond of roses. I'm not into the colour pink either, but these roses are beautiful. It's a David Austin Old English scented rose and I believe it's called Ausbreeze:


are you ready for the heartbreak picture of this post?

Steal yourselves...

Elsie had her girlie tubes tied on Wednesday. She was very down in the tail for 24 hours, but soon perked up. The vet took her dressing off yesterday and she now has to wear the cone for a week to prevent her scratching, biting and licking the wound.

I feel so guilty.

Not only have I put her through all this horrible stuff, she'll never experience motherhood.

And I won't get to have grandpuppies.



Andi xx


  1. Your wild bed definitely has my kind of flowers!

    Just keep telling Elsie how adorable she looks in the 'cone of shame.' Our Lizzie managed to take her stitches out - twice - when she had her little operation. Not her best week!

  2. So beautiful I can't believe you didn't plan it all. Such color. Our heat here is hard on the flowers this time of summer.

  3. Beautiful flowers. Sorry, Elsie but you still look cute. My older dog had a terrible tumor removed and had to weat one of those. My granddaughters put stickers all over it for decoration.

  4. Like you, I like more natural flowers. Although, pink has crept in with a vengance, and now I have grown quiet fond of it.
    Poor Elsie, it is better for her in the end.Soon the cone will just be memory. My now gone chow chow Teddy had to wear one once, after eye surgery. They always look so goofy.
    She is just as adorable!

  5. Andi, your wildflowers are so lovely, especially the blue cornflowers.
    I think you've done totally the right thing having Elsie spayed, so don't feel guilty - but she does look SO cute with her cone on!
    Thank you for your dear comments - I'm sure that Vicky will appreciate them as much as I do :o)

  6. just relieved that when I had mine done my husband bought me a simple gold chain with a heart on it...

  7. Oh I was just enjoying all your beautiful flowers, then you make my eyes water seeing little Elsie :( poor thing, I don't mean the op but that collar thingie, heck shes doing well if she keeps that on!!!
    Its the best thing for her, at least you don't have to keep her indoors when she would have been in season, (don't tell anyone but I have been done!!)so there will only be one of me!!
    Have a good week
    Elsie don't get running though any chair legs with that on!!!it will make your eyes water!!
    See Yea George xxx


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