Thursday, 11 August 2011

A Lesson Learned

Oh dearie, dearie me.

Before I begin my tale I have to confess something:

My name is Andi and I sometimes do the school run in my pjs.

It's true. I have a tendency to be a Slummy Mummy.

I had been warned by my bestest friend,

'What if the car breaks down?'

On a ten minute run? How likely is that?


So I'm driving M to the train station, both wondering what the sudden strange noise was...

M deserts me - he has a train to catch.

RAC ETA - 2 hours.

I'm only about a mile from home so I decide to walk back...

up the steepest hill in the area....

Not only am I dressed in my pjs, I'm also desperate for the loo.

The effort of walking uphill is obviously putting pressure on my bladder and the desperation increases.

I'm walking like Max Wall...

To distract my thoughts, I text bestest friend to say I'll never scoff at her warnings again.

She replied 'Don't break into a run or they'll think you've escaped from the local hospital'.

We have lots of traffic on our road. Goodness knows what they thought.

Fortunately I only met one other person walking towards me


Is there ANYTHING better than the blessed relief of reaching a toilet in such circumstances?

I've learned my lesson. From now on I'll dress before playing chauffeur.


Andi xx


  1. Oh you had me chuckling this morning!
    Great post.I've also taken a risk and driven with my coat over my nightdress on a couple of occasions,thinking the same as you did...what if? :0)

  2. But just think...for a few minutes discomfort, you get a story you can retell the rest of your life!

  3. Hilarious! I've been known to wear PJs too so I'll take note and make sure I'm dressed every morning before I leave come September! Sue x

  4. Oh gosh I have done that soooo many times in the past! But, you know, who cares! I say drive, drive, drive any way you like, ha!

    Jacalyn RME Boutique

    PS - I have to post anonymous thanks to stupid blogger who won't let me post on some blogs, ugh!

  5. Hahahaha...My worst fear ever! That is why I, like your wise friend, never left in my PJ's, because with my luck, I knew it would happen to me! xo

  6. There you are Andi - see, I'd have slipped a pair of trousers on OVER the pj's before leaving the house ;o)

  7. How funny! It sounds like something that would happen to me LOL

  8. Can't say I've ever gone out in pj's but have really enjoyed ready your hilarious tale of woe!

  9. lol well at least you owned up to it, very funny.Of course us dogs don't have that problem ;)good job Elsie wasn't with you she would have pulled them down!!
    See Yea George xxx

  10. OMG! how awful..but funny in hindsight i bet. love this post so much.
    jooles x
    P.S wafteedoo!

  11. Oh I can so relate to you! That's why they invented drive through Dunkin Donuts...just for me. I remember when they didn't have drive through DD's and I'd drop the kids off in my p.j.s and run in with my head down. Only saving grace was my next door neighbor and I took turns and she was dressed just like me!

  12. Shoot! I guess I'll have to stop driving my kids to school in my pjs!!


  13. Oh no! The indignity! Hope all went well with the results...
    Wend - Ticking stripes

  14. This had me laughing out loud - sounds like something that would happen to me! :)


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