Thursday, 28 July 2011

So easy it's almost cheating

I've sewn something!

And as my title says, it was so easy I feel I'm cheating even telling you about it.

I needed a peg bag. My pegs until now have been kept in a plastic freezer bag - not a great sight. So when I found a blue spotty top in a charity shop, I thought making it into a peg bag would be a wheeze.

The woman who sold the top to me folded it up so carefully, I didn't have the heart to tell her I'd be cutting it up.

I've sewn three sides and done a bit of cutting. How simple was that? I feel it's hardly worth telling you about it. However, I did have to contend with some interruption...

Having never heard the sewing machine working before, Elsie was rather curious.

So perhaps this will explain why I'm feeling ever so slightly triumphant.


Andi xx


  1. Looks very easy and the sky is the limit as far as the tops you could use!

  2. That is super cute!! What a great idea.
    Elsie is rather cute also :)

  3. It may have been easy...but it's the idea that's clever.I see a lot of people copying this. :0)

  4. Elsie certainly looks interested. Well done on your new peg bag! :-)

  5. I made a pegbag from an old scoop necked t-shirt, but afterwards I felt a bit embarrassed to use it!
    (it wasn't half as nice as yours)!


  6. Oh, I'm so pleased you've posted this! My peg bag is in I'm off to the charity shop in the morning to look for a likely candidate! (Like I need a reason LOL)

  7. Blast, I pressed post by mistake :o(
    I meant to add that Elsie will become an excellent seamstress :o)

  8. that is a genius idea and it looks so cute just like Elsie :o)
    j x

  9. The peg bag is adorable and so is Elsie!! xx

  10. That is an amazing peg bag!!! Brilliant idea. I have never used a sewing machine as I think they look scary, so I take my hat off to ya!!!
    Just read your London post too.
    I didn't know there WAS an M&M World!! Amazing. I love Peanut M&Ms more than life itself!
    Have a good Sunday, and very glad you identified that plant finally.
    x x

  11. That's a sweet idea!!! I like how easy it is to make too.


  12. Elsie, tell mom not to waste cotton on peg bags, get her to make you a bandanny, if she doesn't and you would like one let me know, its OK if you are not a bandanny wearing girl:)I thought you might like one.
    I must tell you, while I was away on my holiday we had a new dog on the street called Colin and he's a WT can you believe that, his owner had seen me out and about and said thats the dog she would like!!
    Colin is one year old, he was to small to be a show dog, me and dad met him down the pub, moms looks forward to meeting him.
    When I get to know him more I will do a blog post.
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx


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