Monday, 25 July 2011

Flat Battery. Darn!

First Harvest

Three blueberries from my garden.

So proud.

Thank you George the Lad and Rose H. The unidentified flower in my last post is indeed a Pheasant Berry (what a fantastic name). Sherri B. I thought it was some kind of fushia too. Looks very much like it, doesn't it?

School holidays are upon us so I took my daughter up to London for a girls' day out. I knew I should take my camera but the battery was flat. Darn! So here to help the tale along are some 'borrowed' photos.

First stop was Zara's at Oxford Circus where I bought a shirt and daughter tried on a white leather-look jacket. The jacket was lovely, but too old for my daughter, much to her disgust.

Then a stroll down Regent Street led us to All Saints.

Oh My!

Here is where I wished I'd had my camera. The shop was fitted out with hundreds of vintage sewing machines. Floor to ceiling.

Can you see in this pic?

There were also mangles and (I think) cider presses. I loved the shop just for the decor.

The clothes, alas, were out of my budget (£40 for a t-shirt? I don't think so) and of a style I'd imagine Helena Bonham Carter would wear on her more casual days. I loved it.

Then on to M&M World.

Again floor-to-ceiling decor only this time it was practical and edible. Tube after tube of M&Ms all the usual colours and more (black?). Clothes, toys - even dog chews. We had a great time.

Armed with a bag each of our favourite colours we made our way to the Novello Theatre in the Strand for the matinee of Betty Blue Eyes.

This is a musical version of Alan Bennett's 'A Private Function' and boasts an animated pig called Betty (voice supplied by Kylie Minogue, no less).

It was a jolly, patriotic kind of show that sent us home humming the tunes and wishing we had Union Jacks to wave.

A grand day out. Next time, I'll be sure to recharge the camera battery. Tch!


Andi xx

ps - thank you for all your congratulations re the play. Made me beam. xx


  1. Oh I feel such a country bumpkin! Must have a trip up to town one of these days.Looks like you had a great day. :0)

  2. I would love to see the shop with all of sewing fascinating!

  3. Hey girl, You're so lucky to be close to London! I'm glad you liked the Harry Potter movie too. I was blown away by it and I am now a fan of Prof. Snape!

    Sandy xox

  4. You lucky girl. What a great day. x

  5. so thats where all the sewing machines have gone!


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