Friday, 19 March 2010

Kitchen update and award

Before I do anything else I would like to acknowledge an award I have been given by two people: Funkymonkey and Annie over at Vintage at the Corner House . Thank you so much for passing this award on to me (my first) and I plan to devote a post very soon to five things I enjoy doing.

I am supposed to pass this award on to five other bloggers but I know many of you have received it already, so I'm going to invite any of my readers who would like to receive this award and tell us about five things they enjoy doing, to please help themselves to the button.

Now for a quick update on the kitchen. My very, very dear friend (as Pioneer Woman would say 'my womb-to-tomb friend') has been giving me advice on how to paint the kitchen cupboards. Now this friend and her husband have built their own house, and when I say 'built their own house' I mean exactly that. They've done the whole thing themselves: walls, floor, roof, windows - everything. No professionals involved except for the electric which they were not allowed to install themselves even though they're quite capable. So I trust her advice, which was:

After two coats of emulsion - yes, EMULSION - apply some of this:

Apply it with wire wool and wait for it to dry. Then apply a second coat of wax, this time with a lint-free cloth. It buffs up really good and feels so smooth. Can you see how the wax has deepened the colour?

It's slow progress as I still have to do all those things we mums have to do every day, but the lower cupboards are now finished and I'm hoping to start on the top ones this weekend.

Just thought I'd pop in and let you know how I'm doing.


Andi xx


  1. Nice results..Our son-in-law has discovered wood floors in the main bath he is remodeling and I am wondering if he might use this process? What is Emulsion?

  2. What a brilliant must be wonder wax!

  3. I love the colour and final look! Thanks for the tip, I was going to sand, emulsion, sand, emulsion, egg shell, sand, egg shell! I think I like your way better! Congratulations on your award! suzie. xxx

  4. The colour is looking FABULOUS!
    I've often used Briwax over emulsion for the painted furniture I've sold on eBay because it gives a such perfectly "un-new" appearance.
    Hard work but worth it in the end

  5. It's looking great! I remember using that Briwax on my pine furniture a while back...the smell used to make me heave!

    Bellaboo ;o)

  6. Wow this wax makes the cabinets look so great!!
    Love the cabinet color!

  7. Hi Andi!

    Great project! LOVE the wax!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    love, kelee

  8. Love the colour! I've been trying to pluck up the courage to paint my cabinet doors now for about three years - might just go ahead now after seeing the results of your labours.

  9. Oh, I love you cupboards. Well, done.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. The erosion bundle project is great fun. I'm curious what they all will look like in a few weeks.

  10. Gorgeous shade and finish - well done. Think I'd better make some notes on how to do this - or you could pop round when you've finished?

  11. That is just such a lovely, understated effect. Congrats on the award!

  12. I HEART BRIWAX!!! good luck with the cabinets. briwax is the best. used to use it ALL the time on my collages years ago and then with the kids and the army and moving...blah, blah...i stopped using it. i miss it. it's the best for an antiqued finish!!
    take care

  13. Looks brilliant, such a gorgeous colour ... :0)

    Have a great week.

    Shirl x

  14. Your cabinets look great. I want to do a similar thing with my bedroom furniture.


  15. It looks like you are progressing well. We have been painting kitchen cupboards too but have had to start all over again with a different paint as the other one was useless and chipped in no time!
    Congratulations on your award
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  16. hello Andi, I just came over from Alina's to meet you. I shall enjoy following and reading your Blog, best wishes Kath

  17. Hi Andi,

    Your kitchen update is looking great. I read back a few posts to catch up.

    Thanks for the tip about the deer not liking shasta daisies - I'll look for some of those at the nursery.

    have a wonderful day,

  18. I love the colour, so pretty.
    Have a lovely Easter weekend

  19. I use Briwax on my living room barn wood coffee table. Mary, a former Brit who writes Across The Pond clued me in. I love the shine it produces on my table and think now I will try it on my kitchen cabinets! Hadn't considered that before!

    NOW ... after having read your profile I can see you are the perfect person to prod me into the acting class ... Bravo!


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