Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas Deliveries

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I really do appreciate them, especially as I've only just started blogging and am eager to 'meet' you all. I really enjoy visiting your blogs. They're opening my eyes to so many different things!

Christmas deliveries:

I came home from choosing my Christmas tree last Thursday to find a note from Postie:

'I have left your parcel on the back doorstep'.

Parcels in the post! Aren't they exciting? I rushed to the back door and sure enough, there was the parcel:

Seeing the pattern on the box was even more exciting:

I LOVE Emma Bridgewater designs and when I opened the box inside were two beautifully wrapped presents. One for me, one for husband:

Just look at those bows. I wish I could tie a bow as exquisitely as this (I'm sure there must be a web site to tell me how. Must remember to look it up):

There was an invoice which told me the gifts were from my lovely friend Roz and her husband, and also what was inside - Christmas star mugs:

Roz gave me permission to open them before Christmas Day because, as she pointed out, they are CHRISTMAS star mugs and we must get full use of them during the season (and in case you're wondering, I DID let husband open his!)

I'm looking forward to the weekend when we can snuggle down with the kids and watch Christmas movies whilst sipping our hot chocolate. Yummy!


Andi xx


  1. A lovely gift! Hope you enjoy using them and that you have a wonderful Christmas ;-)

  2. Ahh, what a perfect Christmas gift!

  3. Your hot chocolate will taste soooo much nicer out of those lovely mugs.
    Enjoy all the festivities!


  4. THose are great! Very appropriate to open them now and get full use of them!

  5. What lovely presents and wrapping, Emma Bridgewater designs are lovely.
    Ann x

  6. I love them! Just my kind of thing too! suzie. xxx

  7. Gorgeous! I had a lovely EB holly mug but I broke it - I was very sad as it is discontinued so I bought a Union Jack one to replace it.

    hope you & hubby have lots of lovely cuppas in them.


  8. What a lovely gift, and certainly worth opening early I hope you enjoy you cosy weekend with them! x

  9. Hi there I just found your blog and I love your Emma Bridgewater mugs - her designs are so colourful - I must remember to put some on my christmas list!

  10. Hi,
    I'm sorry but you are just perfect, come and visit me at Brympton Towers.

  11. So when am i coming round for a cup of tea!?


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