Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
Hope 2014 has started well for you all. 
My Christmas plans hit the fan.
At the beginning of December I was SO organised. 
I even started getting crafty and making things.
Cinnamon heart ornaments:
I hung them in garlands over the fireplace and the scent was wonderful.
I have the recipe but not the credit.  I'll try to find it before next December.
I also sewed two snowmen mug rugs from a free pattern by The Crafty Gemini.
The first was announced as 'the practice one'.  It went a little wonky:
The second came out better:
 I was happily sewing away and planning other projects for presents, when disaster struck:
This is my index finger after a trip to the minor injuries unit at the local hospital.  A split-second laps in concentration when cutting fabric and the rotary cutter slipped off the edge of the ruler and ran along the side of my finger. 
I don't mind admitting I said words I didn't know existed.
This was in the same week as my dishwasher decided to go on holiday.  A week's worth of washing up one-handed.
Then the heating broke down three days before Christmas.
Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men. 
 No cards were written, no mince pies were made, presents were bought instead of made.
'Christmas hasn't arrived at the Ledbetter's'
I'm not telling you all this to get sympathy (well, just a little over the finger) but to let you know this year I'm not going to get caught out like that and at the moment I'm well on track for Christmas 2014!
Have a great year folks.
Andi xx


  1. I am wincing as I bet that bloody well hurt. Hope 2014 brings better luck......


  2. Oh wow, that had to hurt. It seems like something happens most Christmases to put a damper on my plans. This year turned out okay. Hope next year is okay for you. Here is to a great new year.

  3. Ouch!!! Hope that heals up quickly for you. Hoping 2014 brings you happiness and prosperity. xxx


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