Wednesday, 11 January 2012



'New York?' I hear you say. 'Very exciting, but why all the talk about magic?'

Well you see, I've been married 24 years this year and in all that time I have never struck out on my own and arranged a holiday without M.

As much as M loves NY, he didn't want to go. It would be too cold, he needed a rest not a busy holiday, we'd never get the visas in time...

You name the excuse, he came up with it.

(and he didn't want to see the play, either)

So I was all for giving up my dream of going, until on Christmas Day my son said 'come on, Mum. Let's go anyway.'

So we did.

Just me, son, daughter and a monkey (more of that later).

(we think the tall black building might be the one used for outside shots of Chandler's office in FRIENDS)

We arranged tickets for the flight, theatre, Empire State Building, got our visas, made hotel reservations, all on the computer before we left England and I'm stunned to report everything went smoothly and worked out without a hitch.

(really liked this building as seen from Empire State Building)

Now for the monkey. Coco has been my daughter's special friend since she was four years old. He is a well-travelled monkey and much loved by me as well as daughter. He's like a member of the family.

Anyway, he tells us that although he was born in Stratford upon Avon (and is a descendant of Willy Waggledagger aka William Shakespeare), his father was actually King Kong.

So a trip up the Empire State Building to follow in his father's footsteps was in order

(although he agreed falling off the top wasn't such a good idea)

We did all the tourist things like a carriage ride around Central Park...

I was told Woody Allen lives in the tallest building in the photo above.

Daughter's only tourist request was to visit the M&M shop in Times Square

Where there are floor-to-ceiling tubes of M&Ms in every colour imaginable

Son announced the M&M shop was 'pure hell'!

So a photo was suitably manipulated...

Son in Hell

The Met

and the sunset over the harbour with Statue of Liberty in the distance.

Taken from the Staten Island Ferry.

So glad we took it upon ourselves to arrange this magic. Would love to go again and have more time, take things at a slower pace, and have M with me!


Andi xx


  1. What lovely time out with your children. NY is a place I would love to visit and I am thinking maybe at the end of this year. M x

  2. looks like you had the holiday of a lifetime!

  3. oh yes yes yes!
    We went in 2010 and did all the same tourist things as you, your photos were my photos.
    And as a special treat, I bought myself a pair of Raybans in Maceys!

  4. It sounds like a great trip, it reminds me of the lovely holiday I had there a couple of years ago although without the deep snow !
    Ann x

  5. Sounds like you all had a wonderful holiday and a dream come true for Coco!

  6. It all looks magical! Yes! have to go back with M for a romantic break...a special anniversary maybe?! :0)

  7. How Fab!
    New York really is a wonderful town!
    Silly old hubby missing out on such a magical trip.
    Oh well, you'll just have to go again then won't you!
    Lovely photos too.
    Sue xxx

  8. How wonderful. I went a couple of years ago with my M for our 25th Anniversary. There's an idea for you ......... x

  9. lovely photos of a lovely city
    very envious! we have not been for three years!

  10. OH!OH!OH! is what i thought too lol thank you for your kind comment x
    So glad you had a good time in New York it is fabulous isn't it? Steve had to drag me on the plane home i was ready to stay x

  11. I am so glad you had a good time and that monkey is so stylishly dressed.

  12. Sounds like a GREAT trip. I'm going out on my own tomorrow with a girlfriend to St.Louis and I'm a little nervous, but excited. Memories with your family are wonderful!


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