Sunday, 11 December 2011

Frankly My Dear...

I DO give a damn that I can't remember which blog owns this photo:

I know I made a note at the time which blog I'd seen it on. Do you think I can find that note? I've spent the best part of this morning looking through all your blogs trying to trace the post, without luck.

If this is your pic, I make my apologies for using it without your permission and hope very much that you don't mind. And PLEASE let me know who you are so I can give a link back to your post.

Anyway, I was really taken with the sign but I believe the price was something like £130.


Ever since I've been on the lookout for Lexicon games in the charity shops so that I could try and make my own.

I had one game already. I found another at a car boot for 50p. That should do it, I thought.

Guess what?

Two vital letters were missing from the car boot purchase. I needed another.

After weeks of searching, one mysteriously turned up in my dresser drawer. I strongly suspect my mum snuck it there, but she denies it was her.

Anyway, at long last I was able to go ahead with the project and completed it this weekend:

Buying a frame that was six foot wide was going to cost some, so I bought a piece of MDF and asked the nice man in B&Q to cut it length ways for me. The frame is painted onto the MDF with acrylic paint and the background with leftover Farrow and Ball New White.

Cost: £8.55

I'm very pleased.


Andi xx


  1. hey, clever girl. Thats fab!

  2. That reminded me I used to play Lexicon with my sister when we were small,but I wouldn't remember how to play it now!
    £130!! They're having a laugh...anyway..yours is MUCH nicer. :0)

  3. WOW - now that's called being creative. You need to start selling these now! M x

  4. what a neat and frugal thing to do, I like it,

    Gill in Canada

  5. Great job on the sign. Isn't it fun searching out the items you need knowing you are saving a TON of money?

  6. Aaack I needed that sign this!

    Sandy xox


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