Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas in London

On Thursday I had to take daughter up to London for the school carol concert which is held each year in London at St. Martin's in the Field:

There has been a place of worship on this site since pagan times. The present church being built in 1722.

It was named after St. Martin who is said to have taken pity on a near-naked beggar, cut his own cloak in two and given half to the beggar. Christ appeared to Martin in a dream that night as the beggar and thanked him for his kindness. Martin converted to Christianity the next day.

Today St. Martin's is known, amongst other things, for its Christmas Appeal, raising money (some £500,000) for the homeless.

The church stands on one of the corners of Trafalgar Square so, as parents were not allowed inside the church for the carol service, I took a walk around the Square:

The well-known 'empty plinth' at the moment has a giant ship-in-a-bottle standing on it:

I also popped into the National Portrait Gallery where I saw, in particular, fantastic portraits of Judi Dench and Fiona Shaw (best known for her portrayal of Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter films).

An enjoyable day.


Andi xx


  1. How nice that the children are invited but not the adults, maybe a practice time on behaving on their own?! Thanks for the interesting bit of history. xo

  2. nothing quite as photogenic as London on a bright, cold winter's morning!
    Glad you enjoyed it

  3. Beautiful pictures! Have a wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year in which all your hopes and dreams come true! love Annie xx

  4. Great photos--thank you for the 'tour'. Have a blessed Christmas!


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