Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Make of the Month

I have joined Annie at The Felt Fairy and pledged to make one item a month. This is a big thing for me as I tend to procrastinate, as you will see as you read on.

This month I have completed a dressing gown:

The fabric is called 'From the Hip' from Alexander Henry's 2000 collection. I bought it a number of years ago (too long to remember exactly) and had to order it from the US as it wasn't sold in the UK.

Fortunately, my BiL works a few months a year in the US, so I had the supplier ship it to him in Albuquerque and he brought it home for me (what a lovely BiL I have).

At the time, the only pattern I could find for a robe was a Vogue pattern. I'd have preferred Simplicity as, although I've made clothing before, I'm not the most proficient seamstress and I need clear cut instructions.

Eagerly I cut the pattern and the fabric, made all the notches and marks... and here is where I question my sanity:

Girls, I tried to sew this thing together on CHRISTMAS EVE! Can you believe it? What was I thinking? Nowadays, my fingers rake through my hair in disbelief.


The Vogue instructions were not easy to understand. The Vogue diagrams could not be deciphered. I became frustrated and put the whole project away where it has sat for years, forgotten, in the bottom of the wardrobe until this past weekend when I rescued it.

My pledge to make one thing a month was the thing that spurred (Ha!) me on. I couldn't let this wonderful fabric go to waste...

So here it is:

I have fulfilled my pledge for the month of January. Thank you, Annie, for encouraging me. The sense of achievement is very high considering how long I've ignored it.

And I pledge never to buy a Vogue pattern again!


Andi xx


  1. I love the 'Annie get your gun' fabric and well done for completing it..pat on the back Mrs! :0)

  2. That is fabulous fabric Andi and you have done a wonderful job of finishing it off. Rather glamorous I'd say!

  3. That fabric is wonderful, Andi. And you did a great job...even with Vogue!!!

  4. Love the fabric. And doesn't it feel wonderful to complete something? Personally, I like Vogue patterns, but each to his own.

  5. Super! I LOVE the fabric. Great job Andi XO

  6. Gosh it is gorgeous! I love the fabric too! How clever are you?! Fantastic start to the year, I am going to make my small, simple thing on friday! I am a bit scared of my sewing machine so will hand stitch a small bit!

  7. I'm really inspired - it's a great 'make' but the story behind it is even better! And what incredible fabric! I've posted my response to those 'modern vintage' questions today. I really liked what you said about the advantages of modern life - thanks for commenting!

  8. wow fab make!!!

    I'm glad your going to write a list - honestly, once you think of one thing it kind of leads you onto the next xx

  9. The fabric is quite awesome and it is sweet... My daughter would love it... Thanks for stopping in from time to time and always leaving kind words... I am off to go throught the junk lot and save the better pieces for special work or display... I just set butter out to soften to bake cookies after lunch and to start making my valentines for the special ones in my life... Wishes for the little treasure of life to be enjoyed today.

  10. Oh I love this dressing gown, so much colour and character!!
    It may have been a pain in the you know what, but it's an amazing creation - well done you!
    And thank you for popping by today :-)
    D x

  11. I love this dressing gown. It looks warm and cozy.
    I could never do that....I'm in awe!

  12. Love the fabric! Wish I could sew more than circles and rectangles!

  13. Wow, what an amazing monthly make. The fabric is so gorgeous! Love it x

  14. Oh what fabulous fabric, so well just perfectly fabulous darling. And congratulations, I also find Vogue patterns very tricky, I think they do it on purpose to maintain an elite exclusivity of really determined and stroppy followers. I hope you enjoy many years of snuggling in this lovely robe.


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