Friday, 7 January 2011


Happy New Year everyone! We had a houseful at Christmas with thirteen on Christmas Day and Fifteen on Boxing Day. It was loud, it was busy, it was fun!

I was busy before Christmas making this doll for my mum:

Mum fell in love with a 'Time Out' doll that was in the cottage we rented during the summer holidays. If anyone sells them here in the UK, I couldn't find them, so I sent off to the US for a pattern and had fun making 'Lottie'. It was even more fun searching for clothes in all the charity shops. Everything but the stuffing was recycled - I even found (unused, still packaged) hair pieces in the charity shops, which pleased me so much.

Here are a few of my favourite presents I received this Christmas. Mum really came up trumps with this button tin from Oxfam which she'd filled with cs buttons:


My eighteen year old son was brilliant. He had braved the haberdashery department at John Lewis (I presume) to buy me two balls of wool:

I'll have to look for something to knit with just this wool. If any of you can point me towards suitable patterns, I'd be very grateful.

Are any of you familiar with this picture?

It's the 'knitted tree' by Carol Hummel. I loved this idea so much I have spent time knitting for my own tree in the garden. It's long work as I don't knit very fast, but it's coming along. Anyhow, my SiL and niece (aged 10) knitted me these contributions:

I've been so thrilled and touched by every one of these gifts which were sooooo appropriate. I love, love, love them.

Now, I'm not sure how much time you'll have if you're interested in this next item, but I had added to my 'watched' list on eBay (UK) this collection of buttons:

They are being sold by digital1971. I started watching when the price was about £1.99, thinking 'oh they're nice - I'll keep my eye on those.' The last time I looked the price was up to £122.00!
I don't think I'll be bidding.

The seller also has this collection of jewellery for sale:

Just enlarge the pic if you can and drool.


Andi xx


  1. I wish you a happy and healthy New Year.
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.
    I had never seen this kind of doll..and that is saying something...since I am in my 26th year of making dolls.
    She looks truly like a child from the back. Please let us see her from the front too.
    That tree made me laugh, again I have never seen anything like it. Hope your tree is a bit smaller...the tree you are showing had some serious knitting going on!
    I wish you happy knitting and crafting,
    warm wishes, Evi

  2. I am drooling! What gorgeous jewelry and that's a nice box of buttons too. It's amazing how much some of those button auctions go for! ...Your Christmas gifts are so lovely. I love getting crafting supplies and anything handmade!...Your "Time Out" doll turned out adorable, and so realistic!...Wishing you much happiness, love and laughs in the new year! xo Paulette

  3. Happy New Year! Fab tin of buttons - clever mum! And clever son - lovely wool!, looks lovely and soft. Crikey those buttons on eBay are getting pricey!!

  4. Andi - Love the buttons and jewelry. I'm fascinated by the knitting tree. I have not seen that picture before now. So glad you enjoyed your family at the holidays.

  5. Well done for making that fab doll, I'm sure my Mum would love it too.
    I was amazed at the price of the buttons, when I worked as a volunteer at Scrapstore, we always had a big jar like that for people to choose from.

  6. Ahhh... what fun!!! Great post! Just perfect with my cuppa! I am so glad you took hold of the reigns and made your own doll! Soo cute! Have a blessed morning.

  7. daft isn't it- all the expensive items for sale in endless shops, and we're happiest with a tin of old buttons and 2 balls of wool.

    It's what we want, it's what we love and it was bought with thought and care- worth more than anything from M&S!

    Happiest New Year dear Andi and thankyou for writing such a lovely blog

  8. Your nw button tin is lovely and the knittedtree is so pretty and colourful. I can't believe how much those buttons are going for, although I suppose they are collectable in their own right rather than just being used for crafting x

  9. I so love buttons - the tin is fab! I have never seen the tree before, but how fab is it!!!

    I cannot believe it is a doll, thought it was a sweet child playing hide and seek - amazing!!

  10. Wishing you a year filled with good things Andi.
    I thought that was a real child lifelike!
    That tree is amazing,never seen anything like it before. ;0)

  11. The buton tin is so great!! And I have never seen that is incredible. It would take me a lifetime to do that!! Happy New Year, Andi,

  12. WE have a little boy time out kid...we have different Halloween costumes for him..there is a ladybug and a lion. He creeps my daughter out! hahaha

  13. happy new year andi!! love that knitting tree and the doll you made! so very sweet!!! i would totally be happy with a container of buttons for christmas!! but i'm with you....i think the bidding on those buttons would put a huge dent in the pocketbook!!! i don't knit at all, so it would take an eternity for me to knit a tree!!! good luck with yours!!
    cheers from across the pond.

  14. Happy New Year!! Oh i love the buttons, and the gorgeous jewelry.I'm starting to look for buttons at garage sales, and thrift shops.I love them.


  15. You must have been so "well behaved" :0) Beautiful gifts, enjoy them! XO

  16. Love the doll you made! Great post - lovely buttons and gifts and wow to the knitted tree!

  17. I love buttons. My Grandma was a seamstress and when I was little I would sit on the floor beside her while she sewed and I'd play with the buttons in the tins that she had. I still have one of her tins filled with buttons. I also have her old Singer sewing machine that is now at home at my DD's house. Grandma would love that!!!

  18. Hi,
    Many thanks for visiting my blog today.I am also an Andy but spelt with a "Y", not my spelling originally and it is short for Andrea.
    £!22.00 for a tin of buttons!! What is so specical about them?
    I have used a lovely hat pattern a couple of times which you may be able to use your wool for. then look under "older patterns" it is the pink lacy look hat on the second row up from the bottom in the collage of pictures. Click on the picture to get the pattern. There is also a crochet version of the same hat.

  19. Seeing this bounty of buttons stirs my imagination...thanks for the inspiration.

  20. What a fun tin! Your Mom is a great shopper.

    - The Tablescaper

  21. Oh, Andi - buttons and vintage jewelry - happy thoughts!!! My mom had a huge tin of old buttons that my Nana had started. There are buttons going back to the 30s and 40s (maybe sooner). My mom, also, has a huge "treasure chest" of vintage bling jewelry - most of it very, very beautiful. When I was a little girl, my sister and I would occasionally go in to her dressing room and play dress up with it - or run our fingers through all of the buttons and look at all of the different kinds. Happy thoughts!

    Love, Katy Noelle

  22. I love the little tin with buttons written on it. Saw your comment on between naps on the porch.


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