Monday, 14 June 2010

This Week's Treasures

This week I'm joining in Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures party over at Southern Hospitality.

I managed to get to two car boot sales this weekend and the first gave me this treasure for £4:

Something I've been looking for since seeing some of your pics of white step-ladders in the garden decorated with pot plants (and I've also given you a preview of my hand shadow show).

At the same boot I bought a wooden fire surround for the breakfast room (oh, that sounds grand doesn't it? It isn't. We eat all our meals there. We just call it the breakfast room because that's what was on the estate agent's details when we bought the place - it has a more 'Edwardian' feel to it).

There's no photo of the fire surround because it was squirrelled away into the shed awaiting a lick of white paint. You see, M has no idea about my plans for that room. He works by the 'if it aint broke, don't fix it' rule and is happy for rooms to stay as they are unless there's something wrong. So presenting him with a fait accompli is preferable to waiting for an authentic period fire surround to come along.

A Portmeirion cake stand for a friend who collects it. I have some too but have to admit that I've got a bit bored with it:

I love this tea set. It has a cup missing but I just love the polka dots:

Just don't use it for tea with anyone who has chicken pox.

A stair basket. I've been after one of these for a few years but they're either difficult to find or too expensive. This was £3. Now we won't trip over all the junk that's on the stairs. We can trip over a basket instead.

Apparently these cards were a fresh batch that day and I had first pick:

Inspired by Lululiz in Lalaland, I hope to 'do something' with these. I'm also hoping Lululiz might cast her expert eye over the pic (sorry it's not more detailed) and let me know if she thought I got a good deal at 50p each.

Btw - in case you were wondering - the kitchen doors have now all been painted and waxed and the doors are now back on the cupboards (after weeks with open cupboards isn't it a pain having to open doors to get cups out?!!!), the garden is being worked on and one raised bed has been made out of the pallet. Progress photos to follow at later dates. I've also been remiss in posting about my erosion bundle and an award I was given by the ever sweet Alina over at The Purple Caravan. These will also follow soon.


Andi xx


  1. Those polka dot dishes are fun! You found some great things this week.

  2. Love your finds! The steps will be perfect in the garden. I buy Portmerion for a friend too but I've never kept any myself.
    I got a stair basket about six months ago, like you thinking they're the bee's knees - but I find that it's either too narrow or just too small to be useful. So now I trip over junk AND the basket! LOL. Hope you get better use out of it :o)

  3. I just LOVE that tea set! I have a "thing" for polka dots. They are just so fun and cheerful :0) Your husband sounds like mine but after 30 years of marriage to someone like me he said he's given up all hopes of "letting things be." Looking forward seeing more photos of your lovely world. Have a super week XO (LOVE the new look and the title image)

  4. Love the dishes. If you don't already know, there is a great website that may have a cup for you.

  5. I like the polka dot tea set too. I could do with a stair basket for all those little bits that really belong upstairs eg lego, plastic beads etc

  6. Hello you busy bee! I adore that polka dot tea set, Oooh how I would love one! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with a pile always on the stairs waiting to go up! Suzie xxx

  7. I love ALL your finds! I particularly like the tea set though,being 'into' all things spotty at the moment!
    My man says the same...but we LIKE changing things around and updating don't we?
    He doesn't notice half the time anyway! Hee,hee!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  8. Lovely treasures - the ladder looks fun in the garden... Hmmm, I wonder whether there is one of these lying around in FIL's garden? Must look next time I am over there.

    Let me know when you are up for a meet up ;-D

  9. That's great getting the basket so cheap. I too have always been put off by the price of them, and you can never go wrong with polka dots!

  10. Hi Andi, what brilliant finds. I love the polka dot tea set you did well finding that. the step ladder is sweet, it will look great used for displaying plants.
    Ann x

  11. I W.A.N.T that teaset......... sigh....... why do I NEVER find things like that?


  12. Andi-Love the polka dots!! I have always wanted a stair basket. My husband operates by the same rule--must be universal :) Thanks for the warning on the mixer whisk--I'm afraid I did not read that and it has already made one round thru :)

  13. youve found some lovely treasures, i love the step ladder idea and the dotty china, fliss xx

  14. I love the spotty tea set. I'm forever buying spotty things at the moment. Love the little set of ladders too, there's such a lot you could do with them.


  15. I think the polka dots set has won first prize for "find of the day". I found some postcards this morning at a car boot - so I'm going to have to pop over to Lululiz's for inspiration!

  16. What great treasures you the polka dot dishes...what fun and baskets are always matter what the shape!
    It is nice to meet you and be your Sista in the Bloggerettes Sorority!

  17. Hi, just stopped in from the Sisterhood of the bloggerettes Party. have a great weekend.

  18. Those are some great finds there missus!!! SWOONING over those polka dot china pieces!!!
    Thanks for sharing the prettiness x
    Annie x


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