Tuesday, 20 April 2010

God Only Knows

Well, my little trip has turned into a mammoth problem because of the volcanic dust over Europe.

Being trapped in Barbados may sound like heaven on Earth - and it is - however, when you are told you CAN'T go home it's surprising how quickly homesickness takes hold.

Luckily, my son, who joined us out here a little later, brought the laptop with him, so I am now able to post and hopefully visit all your blogs (it helps the homesickness).

The UK government seems to have forgotten all the residents who are stranded places other than Europe. I fear the ships they've sent out to Spain to bring people back is merely a publicity stunt with the forth-coming election in mind. Well, 'Hello, Gordon - how about us?'

We have no idea when we'll be home. Never has the saying 'God only knows' been more true.

Andi (aka Robinson Crusoe)


  1. Homesickness strikes so quickly, when I lived in the USA I had to come home every year for my fix... we are strange creatures. Hope you get back safe and sound soon. Ciao

  2. Hi Andi

    However beautiful a place is, there is a difference between choosing to stay on and not being able to leave. I can understand that you would want to be home now.

    I feel for you and all who are stuck somewhere unable to go home.

    May this situation resolve itself quickly and may you get the help needed!

    Thinking of you Andi

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. Feeling stranded and helpless is no fun at all. I hope that the situation soon eases and you'll be winging your way home.


  4. Hope help will come and you will be setting foot on English soil again really soon.

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. A publicity stunt by the government, could it be possible?!!! The lap top and having your family all with you makes it a little better. Hope you get home soon.

  6. Hope you get home soon.

    Hugs RosieP x

  7. You are right about one thing ~ Barbados is paradise. But when it's time to go home, it's just that! Hoping things turn around for you soon.

  8. Hope you a safely home soon, having the lap top must make you feel a little more in touch. I know what you mean about home sickness, however beautiful a place is there is no place like home.
    Take Care Ann x

  9. So sad to be marooned somewhere without even a bootsale in sight!

    We were due to fly out to the US and now we're stuck AT home!

    Commiserations, and remember your little framed logo. . .Keep Calm and Carry On!

  10. Now why didn't I get stranded in New Zealand?! Should have 'left' a couple of weeks later, although knowing my luck I would have been stranded in Singapore.

    Glad you have your family with you, try and just enjoy yourself!

  11. There's no place like Home XX

  12. Robinson Crusoe, oh Andi, even in despair you manage to be funny :0) Hope you get home real soon! xx

  13. Oh dear Andi!
    Sending so many positive vibes that you will soon have a date to return home, now that flights have resumed today. We too are a family in waiting - my brother/sister in law are stuck in Spain. My brother is unwell and they've had a great deal of rain.... So, though I'm not the one who is stranded, I do know how anxious you must be feeling.
    Take care,
    You will be home soon I am certain,
    Denise x

  14. Hey Andi! Thanks for stopping by and OMG I can't believe you were affected by the ozone crisis! Our Florida neighbours are from England and their flight/boat trip home was delayed a week! Hang in there and suck back some margaritas in Barbados to pass the time.


  15. By the time you read this, I hope you have some idea of when you can get back to Blighty......

  16. Hello Andi..
    I think.. I hope.. that you are home now judging by your comment on my blog.. Thank you by the way!!!
    There really is no place like home.. even if the flip-side looks like heaven on earth!
    Michele xx
    P.s I think the Yew tree was to keep the witches at bay but maybe not so PC for child play!

  17. Well, I know you are home now, but yes, it is so true, as soon as we aren't allowed to do something we want to do, we get quite testy!


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