Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A Knight to Remember

Now this happened a few weeks ago so I'm cheating a little by posting it now, but I can't let such an exciting event to go by without recording it here.

Our theatre company was performing the female version of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple. This is not only a very funny script, but was also a fun production to work on:

We reached the last night and the cast were asked to stay on stage after the final curtain. This was curious, but we presumed Brian our director wanted to have a word with us. Patiently we waited. The doorbell on the set rang. We all laughed and shouted 'Come in, Brian'. When he failed to appear and the doorbell rang again, and again, and again quite urgently, Val got up and threw open the door....

What a shock to find Sir Ian McKellen standing on the other side! There was a collective jaw drop. He'd been in the audience.

Having picked ourselves up from the floor but still in shock, we had a cast photo taken with our VIP guest:

Sir Ian is Patron of the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain and he'd come along in that capacity to see the first production of our 75th season. He stayed for the after show party and was very natural and friendly. He spoke to us all and even had one of my Alan Rickman's Lovely Cakes (that title is another story for another day).

Not a particularly great photo of me, but I was very happy!
Just wanted to name-drop a little!


  1. oh wow!! how great!!

    Get yourself over to the ck website where you can order the ck catalogue for free!!! it comes through my door every month!!

  2. Hi Andi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment,. I don't know why I haven't found your blog before. What an amazing story about Sir Ian McKellen, I think he's wonderful.
    Ann x

  3. I love that photo of you... I hope it's coming round with the Christmas cards!

  4. I hope you don't mind me popping on your blog - I know this is an old post but I've only just come across it whilst looking for stuff on Alan Rickman.

    Would you mind terribly letting me in on the secret of what your 'lovely Alan Rickman cakes' are?! Thanks :-)

  5. Sorry, I should have explained a bit better - I'm a huge Alan Rickman fan & myself & a friend/fellow-'Rickmaniac' are currently trying to get together a whole list of 'weird' stuff about the man - your 'cakes' sounded interesting!! :-)


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