Saturday, 21 November 2009

I Don't Do Pink!

What can I say? I know pink is a very much loved colour in the creative/thrift/shabby chic corner of blogland, but I have to admit it is not my favourite. It's way down there with peach and yellow. I much prefer blues, greens, blue/greens, browns, orange and ivory. I avoid pink. I believe some shades of pink can actually make my teeth hurt.

I went around the house today collecting every possession of mine that's pink. Dear reader, the following photo shows the sum total of the pink I own:

How about that? The coathanger was knitted by my Nan sometime in the 70s (the fabric is nylon offcuts she got from the bargin bin at Brentford Nylons - anyone remember them? Of course not - you're all far too young). The perfume is Agent Provocateur; the rainhat (top right) came free with the Lady Penelope doll in the 60s, and the collection of boxes within boxes (centre bottom) was made by my son about ten years ago and two of the boxes are pink. The perfume bags and dog were a pressie and the sissors and tape measure were accidents.

Also, two of the dolls I have from childhood wear pink. This is Angelina who comes from Austria and Jane who's wearing a 60s Faerie Glen dress.

I do possess some pink underwear but I didn't choose it. Enough said, let's move on....

But something is happening now that I've discovered blogland. I visit all your blogs and see wonderful photos of things you've created, treasure hunted, transformed, bought, and they're beautiful; and many of them include pink. I think...perhaps...the thought that pink might be OK is seeping into my brain, because look:

A quilt and shams I bought last week in the local charity shop.

It has pink in it!

The hat I had to buy in TK Max last weekend:

I can tell myself the velvet trim is a raspberry red but that twinkle in the flower center is definitely pink.

Even my camera case (a Christmas pressie last year) has Cath Kidston pink blooms over it:

And then the beautiful quilt (yes, another one) I bought at the Country Living Fair from Forever England is green and pink:

As long as it's subtle and there're plenty of other colours surrounding it, I think I can cope. One step at a time.


Andi xx


  1. "...some shades of pink can actually make my teeth hurt." too funny! though i don't have pink in my home and only a couple pieces of clothing, i can appreciate it, especially as you have it -- with sage green. your hat is absolutely lovely!!!

  2. Pink's not that bad, is it? I think I know what you mean though. When my 18 year old daughter was a baby, I got a bit sick of pink, and tried to get as many clothes in different colours for her
    I don't really have one favourite colour, I love them teamed up with lots of others.
    Some great finds!!

    Sharon xx

  3. I know what you mean about pink on it's own but I love it with green. I like dark raspberry pink and definitely don't like candy floss or Barbie pink unless mixed up in a pattern.
    Ann x

  4. Oh, I'm with you on peach and yellow! I just don't do them! But I can allow pink WITH, as you are beginning to. I am actually glad that we have two sons, because I look at little girls' pink toys and clothes and cringe. But all that said, I am wearing a pink fleecy jumper at the moment, so I should probably keep quite. I love the quilt and pillow shams.

  5. O Andi...I think you DO do pink after all...and what pretty pinks you do have.
    I, too, have never been really a PINK fan..(* didn't hear this from me!!) UNTIL blogging. Just like I have been content with one or two sets of dishes all my life but...NOT ANY MORE..I have ran out of places to put them , hide them, explain them.....blogging is good in ways and not so good in ways..but, O so fun!!

  6. Andi, I love this post. You had me laughing aloud. Guess what! Pale yellow is my favorite color - not pink!!!

    My mother lives with us, and she does love pink. So, over the years, it has grown on me.

  7. Amazing when I think about it; growing up in an all girls household, there was hardly anything pink around at all when I was young. Bringing up boys, I was SO grateful to avoid the ubiquitous ghastly pink girly stuff when they were young (my little pony a particular hate...glad I didn't have to have those in the house) But have sometimes bought pink stuff (eg scissors for sons' school equipment) in the interests of gender neutrality :-) So yeah, I share your mixed feelings about it. But have been known to yearn (quietly and secretly) for a Cath Kidston tent to take on my holidays... Great blog, Andi - sorry I didn't recognise your profile photo and get here sooner!

  8. BTW, Brentford seems that, unlike that other great development of the 60s, plastics, the fabrics really do last for ever!

  9. I do love certain shades of pink.
    I also love that hat!!

  10. I have never adored pink. BUT, when we bought a home two years ago that had a PINK bathroom - one we could not afford to redo, I decided to WILL myself to LOOOOVE it.

    Pink wall tile, floor tile, countertop tile, tub, sink and toilet.

    I think I truly do love it now. And, on the upside, my husband NEVER uses the pink bathroom, so it's ALL MINE!

  11. I don't do pink, either. I'm a red, gold, plum and navy blue person but I'm like you, pink begins to grown on you when you visit blogs that are so beautifully "pink". I've tried decorating with pink and it never looks as good as the blogs I've visited so I stick with my dark
    Marilyn in NM

  12. No I'm not into pink either and even my gorgeous girl when she was small refused to wear it saying "I don't do pink Mummy". But like you maybe now just a little WITH probably green... Just maybe!

  13. Isn't it interesting how we are influenced by blogland? I love your quilt.


  14. Hello!

    How can you NOT love pink? ;) heehee

    I think blogging does make an appreciation of certain things never thought of before appear in your brain, although I still can't make myself like purple!!!

    Glad to hear you bought a reindeer (enjoying being a bad influence there!). I love mine so much he hasn't budged from the shelf... Christmas is creeping in slowly...

    Mel xxx

  15. I LOVE the hat. Why can't I think of buying and wearing something stylish like that? I must shop in the wrong places. We have TJMax here in America, I wonder if it is the same as your shop.


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