Friday, 18 January 2013

Beautiful Boys

Every now and then I pick up old photographs from car boots or charity shops.  They are usually pre-1940 and always of people.

These three little boys have been in my possession for a number of years.  The photo was taken by E.I. Ellery of Truro, Newquay and Perranporth in Cornwall and the writing on the back says,

Wishing you a Very Happy Xmas
Horace Eugene and Thew(?)

I love that the youngest has his cuddly toy with him
and the eldest looks as though he may have been given his daddy's pocket watch for the occasion.  His body language is unmistakably that of the big brother in charge!

What a shame there's no surname to help find out more about them.  

I just hope they all made it through the war.



  1. Unfortunately by the law of averages they didnt

  2. Somewhere I have a picture of my late father-in-law, sitting in a fabulous toy Bugatti, with ringlets halfway down his back. Priceless!

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  4. I love that photo. The clothes look so precious.. Not for playing in the mud.


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