Saturday, 25 February 2012


Tuesday 21st February was my birthday. I had a lovely day.

M bought me a bread making machine:

I feel a bit nervous about using it. Only because it's new and I've got to read the instruction book. Not that I'm lazy or anything.

My son sent me this yummy card:

and reminisced about us reading the Mr. Men book 'Mr. Perfect' who had a party with lots of perfect cup cakes. Son is at uni now. I miss him.

My brother was also in a reminiscing mood and told me he remembered that Thunderbird Three was my favourite Thunderbird...

I think it was because it had a 'skirt' design which gave it a feminine look in a very male dominated show (Go Lady P! Go TinTin! Go Grandma!)

Then the floral birthday kicked in.

Some magic beans from BF Tammy:

Can't wait to see what they are.

Mum treated me to lunch at the Jamie Oliver restaurant that's just opened up in town.


And also gave me a pot of wild flower seeds

This gorgeous bouquet was waiting for me when I got back from the school run and is now filling the hall with a wonderful floral scent.

My MiL gave me some birthday money which I spent in my favourite shop, Wilkinsons:

I thought I would really miss Woolworths when it closed down, but Wilkinsons has more than replaced it.

BF Sue had visited me from Norfolk on Saturday and we had a fantastic fun day together. She had made this wonderful owl for me, all from recycled fabric:

His name is Michael.

Sue really inspires me with all the craft/design/work she does. So much so, that I've taken out the squares I'd cut to make a beach quilt (in my life before dog) and have started to sew them together. My electric sewing machine is having a problem with its motor so 'Dolly' came out to be used for the very first time:

I find the quiet trundle she makes as I turn the handle very therapeutic.

I think we're going to be friends.

Have a wonderful week everyone.


Andi xx


  1. A belated happy birthday. Sounds perfect to me.


  2. Happy belated birthday!! You are surrounded by such good love and friendship...what could be better?

  3. Belated happy birthday wishes Andi.Love all your gifts,especially the owl...gorgeous! Where is he going to live I wonder?
    Have fun with your bread maker.My SIL has the same one and she makes all kinds of fruit bread,cakes etc in hers. ;0)

  4. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday Sandi.
    I love my hand machine for the same reasons you mentioned. I think they were made so much better than the plastic ones nowdays.

  5. read the instructions for the bread machine? Oh surely not!
    Glad you had such a lovely birthday, just remember that you're not old, you're retro!

  6. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, many happy returns.

  7. Belated birthday wishes Andi, looks like you had a truly lovely birthday with such caring, thoughtful gifts!
    The Panasonic breadmaker is THE Rolls Royce of breadmakers - get stuck in with it! My old maker is playing up and I'm seriously saving up for a Panasonic to replace it :o)
    Rose H

  8. Happy Birthday to you...and didn't you have a grand one! Looks like there will be plenty of flowers in your future! xo

  9. A Happy Belated Birthday to you Welshie Hugs coming your way and some kisses thrown in xxx:)
    Lovely presents you got, Elise will enjoy helping you plant them I'm sure :)
    Have a Good week
    Oh, try and pop by my blog on the 1st March, I'm busting to tell folks where we are going ;)
    See Yea George xxx


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