Monday, 7 November 2011

For Pooh Fans

On the weekends I take Elsie for a walk in a park near to us which has a section called 'The Hundred Acre Woods'. This is a fantastic place where you can find Pooh's house:

and even post him a letter

The inside of the house has a table, chair and honey pot. Unfortunately the photos of this didn't come out because it was too dark.

Another unfortunate was that my memory card filled up, so there are no photos of Eeyore's Gloomy Place or the bridge where you can play Pooh Sticks. However, these are the pics I DID manage to take:

(and where Elsie nearly pulled me face first into that puddle)

(there is a tall, white pole in the ground just here)

Can you imagine the delight for any young Pooh fans visiting this place?


Andi xx


  1. How sweet. Have you been to Ashdown Forest near where AA Milne used to live and which provided him with lots of inspiration when he wrote the books. It's a beautiful place.

  2. We used to go there a lot when the boys were small. I remember DS1 was absolutely convinced that Pooh really did live there, which of course he did, and always hoped to get a glimpse of him!

  3. Can you imagine the delight of "ME" if I were to visit there!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful place! xo

  4. young Pooh fans? I'd love it too!

    someone sent me a card recently with a "vintage" teddybear looking quizically at Pooh, and the caption simply read
    "Winnie the WHO"?!

  5. What a wonderful place, and not just for YOUNG Pooh fans.

  6. What a fun place for young (and old) lovers of Pooh.

  7. OH!! What an absolutely delightful place!

  8. What agreat place to go for a walk. Kids of all ages must love it!!


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