Sunday, 23 October 2011

Penultimate Car Boot

I am astounded to realise I've only been to two car boot sales this year. I can only think it's because of the arrival of a certain little puppy. Yesterday I went to our local car boot (with Elsie) and spent the grand total of £3.

(I used to complain privately about people who brought their dogs to car boot sales. Now I'm one of them!)

This card of mop buttons was 50p. I wasn't cheeky enough to ask for a discount because of the broken one.

The finger dressing and the tablets for aching legs were for my whimsical medicine cabinet in the downstairs loo. I just pick up these old bottles and things when I see them. They cost 50p for the two. The Elasto tablets for aching legs make me smile.

Four drawers from sewing machine tables cost £2.

The reason I bought these is because quite a while ago another blogger did a post about sewing machine table drawers and I CAN'T REMEMBER WHO IT WAS. All I remember is liking what she'd done, whether it was decorating them or putting them to some clever use.

Do any of you know who I'm talking about? Because if I don't find out, I've a feeling I'll be stuck with four redundant drawers.

Next week is the last car boot of the season, which I will try to go to. Perhaps I'll leave Elsie behind as she does hinder my search somewhat - although she does get lots of admirers.


Andi xx


  1. I love how the little bottle's label is all crooked. That is great. Also, love the keys in your previous post. Those would be great in a frame.

  2. It is fun to read your post with the phrases like car boot and loo. We don't have car boot sales here. Love what you found!

  3. I find Bella comes in handy when we've been selling at a car boot,as people are drawn to her and then you've got their attention,but it's no fun walking round with her constantly pulling you this way and that.It's the end of the CB season round here sadly,although like you,I've only been to a couple this year.Like your unusual finds. :0)

  4. Love the medical finds Andi. I THINK the sewing machine draw was here:
    Sadly I can't find a search on that site...good luck, hope you can find it.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  5. Love the finds for your medicine cabinet, what a kick! - I have seen those drawers used for several things. The one I liked was holding herbs for the kitchen. I'm sure they must have put some sort of liner in to spare the wood of the drawers, anyway, it looked great. I have also seen them used for silverware and a holder for condiments like soy sauce Worchestershire, olive oil, hot sauce, etc....xo

  6. what interesting things to buy, strange but interesting!!

    Gill in Canada

  7. Oh my there are so many uses for the sewing machine drawers. I use mine to store vintage lace - people use them to hold all sorts of things! If I find any in particular - I will let you know.
    My friend lulu always talks about the car boots! My niece now lives in Oxford, so when I SOME DAY go see her, I want to go to one!
    HAGD! Karen

  8. Thank you for your sweet comments :o)
    Andi, SNAP-UP the washboard if it's still there, the other ones I found ranged from £18 - £25!
    Have a great week
    Rose H

  9. OMG I'm so jealosu you got those drawers for so little! Are you referring to what i did with mine here:

    Sandy xox

  10. now I like the drawers... useful and robust.. a snip too


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