Monday, 25 April 2011

At Home

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful time. We didn't go away for the holiday as Elsie has only just had her second lot of vaccinations. However, we did go out for her first official walk:

She was interested in everything and of course got lots of attention from people we met. She's very nervous of other dogs though, so we have to ease her in gently with a few smaller, calmer dogs.

She is gradually losing the black on her face and the brown fur is coming through.

We took her to a local park which has country walks, a walled garden and an outdoor theatre. I liked these seats:

Elsie is chewing everything. She bites the blooms off flowers - attracted by the nodding action. Today she ate a wasp. I believe she is Imelda Marcos reincarnated as she LOVES shoes.

This weekend saw the demise of Sasha and Elaine:

(Yes, I have named my clothes pegs. Why not?)

And my garden trolls have been terrorised outside their own front door.

Elsie drags them off by the hair.

What a monster!

This is a bloom she has not been able to reach. A paeony we inherited from the previous owner of our house:

This week I am linking to Met Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch. These stepladders I bought at a car boot last year for £4.

They've been in the shed ever since while I waited for time and opportunity to paint them:

I got the idea for white stepladders to display plants from Sal over at Sal's Snippets

Sal has a greenhouse and surrounding area I covet.

I've been having fun in the garden during the glorious weather we've been having. I'll show you some more next time.

Andi xx


  1. well, thats made my day...I share my name with a clothes peg.
    Now how many other people can say that? (apart from any other Elaines that is...)

    That puppy is just TOO delicious for words.
    They only ever eat one wasp don't they, and after the puffy lip they realise stripes means danger!

    Please could you pop over and do some stepladders for me- I've 3 pairs in the shed awaiting a makeover :)

  2. Lovely to hear your news and how your new little 'monster' is settling in. LOL, I love that you name your clothes pegs now I don't feel so mad naming my dolls. ;-D

    The step ladders look great...I wonder if we have any lying around at my FIL's house.

  3. Oh I have been longing for news of the baby. Where I live they have "puppy parties" at the vets, which are free to attend, where the pups can socialise with one another and get their confidence.
    She is just adorable!

  4. Andi ~ looks like your little "monster" is going through some growing pains. This too shall pass ~ what a sweetie ;-)

  5. Cute trolls! Love that door!

    And what a CUTE puppy! It's been a while since we've dealt with puppy issues. LOL!

    Love the step ladders! What a great use for them (now I wish I could find some like that!).

  6. I'm on the hunt for a step ladder for my garden. Yours is gorgeous! I'm here from Met Monday and happy to be your newest follower. Stop by for a visit sometime.

  7. Love your little 'monster' and what a great idea for the step ladders!

  8. What an absolutely gorgeous little 'monster'. Enjoy every second. Like children they grow up so quickly. x

  9. How can you call that gorgeous little darling puppy a monster? Have oodles of fun.

  10. WT's have got to be one of the cutest puppy dogs, Victoria is right they grow up so quickly and grow out of chewing things, we ended up fencing best part of the garden off!! George still goes after bees!! and shoes still have to be put out the way, she will learn fast to pick something up and run with it, look back at you as if to say "come and get it if you can!" a ture terrier lol!!!
    You will find alot of people will warm to her as they are not a very common breed, put if I had a pound for every person that said oh look an Airedale! I would be quite well off.
    Have a good week with your cutie pie
    George and Jan

  11. Thats funny
    No George never got inside, but I did start training him to put the washing in, thats now gone out the window as he's always running off with the socks!

  12. Elsie is so beautiful! Love what you've done with the steps. I'm hoping to do the same with a set I have x

  13. Hello Andi,Hope you had a lovely Easter.
    Your Elsie is gorgeous,adorable! Puppies are hard work though aren't they? Bella was a chewer too,and still is,even at 4yrs! I couldn't leave her alone for a minute when she was little.Infact when we were out one day she ripped up the kitchen floor.I only replaced it last year,as I knew she would do it again.I give her a hollow marrow bone filled with her favourite treats..cheese or sausage,that usually keeps her quiet! :0)

  14. Cute puppy and I like your stepladder idea. Those puppys are quite a handful, no? Love the 'rest for the wicked'! Hope you're doing well!

  15. Hey Andi... hope you are okay.


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