Friday, 4 February 2011

Teddy With a Tale

Today I am contributing to Melody's Teddy Bears' Picnic. I'm a day late but I think you know me well enough by now to realise that's par for the course.

This teddy has a tale to tell which hopefully will warm your heart.

He doesn't have a name. He's about eighteen years old and for the first few years of his life he sat in my baby son's bedroom along with lots of other stuffed toys, neither loved nor played with.

He was just a gift-shop bear that someone had given my son when he was born and basically was used just to help decorate the baby's room.

Then, in 1995, my Nan died. Remembering she'd once told us that, growing up, she'd always wanted a teddy bear but never had one, I looked around the house for a bear to sleep with her in eternal rest. The unloved, unnamed bear was taken down from the shelf and his destiny was sealed...or so I thought.

My mum suddenly announced that she'd had the exact same thought as me and had bought an anonymous bear from a card shop.

Our bear was reprieved!

Now this unnamed, unloved bear had a special meaning for me and for years sat on my bedside table until, one day, my then five year old daughter came home from school very excited and announced there was to be a Teddy Bears' Picnic the very next day and they were all to take in a Teddy to join in the fun.

Guess which bear she picked out of all the bears in the house?

So this unloved, unnamed bear was suddenly elevated to 'very special, very lucky' bear and spent a day in the sun at a Teddy Bears' Picnic.

Whenever I look at him now and think of where he could have been, I can't help but give him a hug.

The end.


Andi xx


  1. Oh what a sweet teddy bear story! I hope he has been given a name now. :0)

  2. I enjoyed reading your story. This bear is obviously living a charmed life. I do enjoy having things around me that trigger special memories.

  3. That is a lovely story! I hope he enjoys himself!!

  4. That is such a dear, sweet story. Thank you for telling us that personal treasure.

  5. What a lovely story and an adorable little bear. Thank you so much for being part of the Teddy Bears Picnic and sharing this dear little bear.

  6. Your bear's biography brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for sharing it.

  7. Enjoyed your story. I took Will and Stevie to teddy bears' picnics in Merton Park - how many years ago? - and they were very special occasions. There was a huge and ancient mulberry tree and we enjoyed its fruits:-)

  8. Hi Andi,
    think you commented on my sleeping bear. The pattern is called Sweet Sherry by Bridle bears. If you can get me your snail mail address I will send you a photocopy of it so you can make her.

  9. What a sweet story! I'm so happy he got to go to the Teddy Bear's Picnic with your little girl. How loved he must have felt. This cutie needs a name now! xo Paulette :D

  10. What a sweet story !!......thanks for comment my blog ! so nice !!! and yes i am so happy with the give away from Laura ! happy weekend...warm hugs from me Ria...

  11. What a lovely touching story. Hold tight to that special bear. Thanks for stopping by and leaving that lovely comment. I'm your newest follower ~ have a great day ;-)

  12. Oh I love this little story-thanks for sharing it with us-objects mean so much more when they have such a special story!

  13. love that story, and LOVE your new header!
    have a good week

  14. Beautiful - bears always know when they are right for the occasion.
    Thanks for sharing such a personal story, can't believe he got to 18 without a name.

  15. Hi Andi ... can you email me at:

    charleyarry23 [at] aol [dot] com

    with your address as you are my winner!

  16. What a sweet story. Teddy Bears are fun to cuddle with - even for a woman in her fifties.

  17. Hello Andi

    And thanks for telling me about "smalls" as being called your undies How funny for you to read about my smalls thinking I was going to show my underware LOl hahah

    You know I learn something everyday here in blog land it's just great.

    Teddy Beard Pinic how cute is that?


  18. What a sweet and sentimental story :) BTW I tried taking a pic. of the static in the dark but it's nearly!

  19. That truly was a very special story. I like the idea of a teddy bear picnic especially now that I have grandchildren. I will have to keep that in mind. But instead of tea I think we shall have juice. lol

  20. Now, he IS a very special bear! I hope he enjoyed the picnic too.


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