Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Dressing Room and Giveaway

So quite innocently this morning, rushing out of the house on the school run, I grabbed the first hat available. On arrival home, I realised the hat was red and I was wearing a purple dress...

'When I'm an old woman I shall wear purple with a red hat that doesn't go...'

It's happened!

I also realised it might be time to show you the progress on my dressing room. The picture above was taken there - the full-length mirror will be hung on the door once the door has been painted (next year).

Here's the picture that appeared on my very first post over a year ago. The room was just a (junk) storage room:

This is what it looked like at the beginning of the renovations:

And here it is now:

It's such an advantage not having to get dressed in the dark in the mornings (I am first up - M still sleeping).

The boot storage could do with a curtain across perhaps:

I'm re-purposing charity shop candlesticks as hat stands:

This is my dressing table which is just the right size for the alcove:

The dressing table set I found in a charity shop for £10:

The brooch cushion I embroidered many years ago from a pattern in Una Stubbs' In Stitches, but I'd really like a tailor's dummy:

I had to get quite a small, high hanging chandelier because the loft-hatch is in the dressing room and head space was needed:

I still need a carpet and a few more finishing touches, but I'm very pleased to have my own dressing room. I wonder how long it will be before it's invaded and taken over by my daughter?


I'm sorry I didn't publish the result yesterday as promised. The winning name was pulled from the hat yesterday morning, but before I could post, I had some bad news from a friend and I really didn't have the heart to blog.

However, I'm now able to tell you that the winner of my giveaway is:


Congratulations Bellaboo. Your parcel is winging it's way to you as I write. I hope you receive it before Christmas and that the snow doesn't delay it.

Thanks everyone who entered. I really appreciate the visits you pay me and my little blog.





  1. Congrats, Bellaboo! LOVE your dressing room - brilliant, very envious - looks like an exclusive boutique!! You're very organised (apart from the red hat / purple top combo obviously! - actually that looks good too!)

  2. What a fabulous transformation! Great to have a proper dressing room. I love the dressing table set you got in the charity shop, what a bargain. It is sooooooooooo pretty.

  3. Candlesticks as hat stands - great idea. I have a hat I wear for weddings and never know how to store it - now I do!

  4. I love that hat-the tweedy looking one.
    And the dressing room looks great!
    and love the candlestick idea.

  5. The dressing room looks great. How nice to have your very own space. Congrats to Bellaboo!!

  6. The dressing table is so beautiful Andi :)

  7. Oh that clashing outfit is standard Glastonbury wear m'dear :-D
    Nice to meet another hat-gal, I do like hats.
    You must be chuffed with your dressing room, of course I am very envious as my wardrobe consists of half a dozen cardboard boxes at present, resulting in many "Oh that'll do" outfit choices LOL
    Lovely post Andi!

  8. Sorry to hear you have had some bad news. {{hugs}}

    I love your dressing room, how lucky you are! I am the first up here as well and have to get dressed in the dark, or make sure I have prepared my clothes the night before (ha!) to take into the bathroom.

    Wonderful dressing table and delightful set. What a brilliant idea to use candlesticks for hat stands! I see you like hats as well!

  9. Congrats, Bellaboo on the giveaway!

    Love the dressing room- I get dressed in the dark and believe me, there's FAR worse combos than purple dress/red hat!

    Actually, someone told me the other day that we show our age by being co-ordinated, and that mismatch is much more fashionable.

    I'm sorry to hear of your bad news

    with love x

  10. How lovely to have your own dressing room - it looks beautiful!

    As for the red hat/purple happens to us all it seems!

  11. the bit about the hat made me chuckle and your dressing room looks fantastic! I love everything about it. It's so stylish yet functional. Just my kind of dressing room x

  12. I'm so thrilled to have won keeping watch for the postman!
    I love your dressing room,you've done a great job.It must be lovely to be able to find everything easily now.Sorry to hear about the bad news.
    Will let you know when the parcel has arrived!

  13. Wonderful dressing room. FAbulous idea about the candle sticks used to display your hats.

  14. Love that dressing table set!
    Thanks for being a good sport on my blog..loved your comment!!
    Have fun;-)x

  15. Love this dressing room...oh how I long for a room like closet is as big as a small broom closet!! And the repurposed candlestands.. genius..thank you for sharing!

  16. I LOVE your bedroom/dressing room! This is awesome! What a change, and I love how you have displayed the hats. Yes, add a curtain to hide the boots... I thought of that saying before you wrote it: 'when I am an old woman...' The dressing table is fantastic... not sure how much you paid in U.S. monies, though. Overall, what a wonderful job was done on the construction. Your husband did it, correct?

  17. Oh, and BTW... love the blog header... sweet angels.

  18. I love your dressing room. I especially love the vanity set. What a great find and so beautiful!

  19. Andi-I am sorry you got bad news and hope things are better. Your dressing room is a dream! How wonderful and what a transformation! The red hat and purple dress gave me a good laugh. I am sure it will happen to me since I have said I would NEVER do know how that seems to work out :) Thanks for the congrats on thep upcoming marriages!

  20. Sorry about your bad news and hope life gets better soon.

    I love the idea of the candlesticks to hold your hats and I really love the vanity set, what a fantastic find.
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  21. What a great dressing room -- I have a dressing table alcove but alas, no dressing room although I yearn for one but there is no space! Enjoy yours I'm green!

    And what a great idea for the candlesticks to hold hats!!! How clever and for pennies, I'm sure!

  22. Fabulous room, and I love the way your dressing table is nestled in the corner, all snug with its' fairy lights on! Gorgeous green table set - ten pounds? Wow, what a steal!

  23. I have just found you today! I think this is my kind of place, and I will be back!

  24. How swish are you, with your dressing room??? :O)))) It looks absolutely beautiful. Love the idea of using candle sticks to display hats. Happy Christmas!

  25. You're so lucky to have a dressing room, and I absolutely love that dressing table!


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