Saturday, 29 May 2010

Giveaway draw

Just thought I'd start this post with a photo of my Nan (far right) with her sister and a friend. The photo was taken around 1920 and I just wish I had a bathing cap like one of those!


The giveaway draw date has arrived and I have to say, with just fourteen names to go in the hat, you were all in with a jolly good chance of being drawn.

We used a genuine vintage top hat (modelled here by dear daughter) which I purchased from an antiques fair at Alexandra Palace about thirty years ago. This hat has been on stage as the hat of the Artful Dodger and I think I'm right in saying has also been part of a vampire costume.

I don't know how old the hat is, but it came from Jermyn Street which runs behind Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly, London and is small enough to have belonged to a child of about ten.

Anyway, dear daughter had the honour of picking out a name from the hat (she did confess to feeling a bit nervous at the responsibility).

And the winner is..........

Congratulations Ted and Bunny! The V&A souvenirs will be winging their way to you asap if you would be so kind as to email your address.


Andi xx


  1. Super great photo of your Nan!

  2. Great photo - they look like they are having fun!

    Love the hat as well :-)

    Congratulations to Ted and Bunny!

  3. Oh darn, with such good odds, why wasn't it me?? LOLOL, congratulations to Ted and Bunny!

  4. Congratulations to Ted and Bunny! I love the look and music of the 1920's. This photo captures the happy times. Have a great weekend xx (been fooling around with my Blog button, how do you like this one?)

  5. Congrats to Ted and Bunny! Love the bathing caps.

  6. Oh! Congrats to ME!!
    I can't believe this, I seem to be VERY lucky at the moment.
    Thankyou so very much

  7. Congrats to the winner. I wish your Nan's suit would come back in style. :)

  8. what a great hat and comments, really made me giggle! x

  9. Hello! Thanks for popping over again and leaving a lovely comment. Congratulations to Ted and Bunny! I love the hat, you don't see many of those hanging around, at least not in my house! Suzie xxx

  10. Love the photo of your nan, they look like they were having great fun.
    Ann x

  11. I love the fun family photo!! Thank you for the visit too!!!

  12. Dammit! Missed this! Must pay more attention. Loved the photo and loved the hat even more. Congratulations to Ted and Bunny.............

  13. Hi Andi, sorry I missed your giveaway, those fabrics were great! Just been nosing at your other posts and I love car boots too :)

    Mel xxx

  14. Love the photo Andi! Also, just adore costume pieces.

    Thank-you for visiting too!

    love, kelee

  15. Great photo! Am playing catch-up after our hols, so missed out on your giveaway, but congrats to the winner! (BTW, I was a v irresponsible parent and took my son out of school for 6 whole days - SLAP MY WRIST!!)

  16. Shoot, I missed this! I love the picture of you Nan though! Thanks for the congrats on being an Auntie again!

    Sandy xox


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