Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Grey Hair

I have been blonde now for about 15 years.  I've loved it.  I think I looked so much better than my mousy brown that always caused me problems.  We didn't have a great relationship.  Having my hair dyed seemed to leave it more manageable.  It behaved itself more.

Then, a few months ago I found I was getting thoroughly bored at the hairdressers.  It's franchised in a hotel that has that 'oh so modern' dreary brown decor and I find the whole atmosphere depressing. 

I decided there were too many women of my age with dyed blonde hair.

I no longer liked the thought of all those chemicals going on my head.

I mentioned going grey to my hairdresser.  You'd have thought I'd suggested having my face tattooed.  She was dead against it, listing all the problems, how it would age me.

I told her looking younger wasn't one of my aims.  I might have been speaking in an alien language, the incomprehension on her face.

So, I have decided to grow the blonde out.  I realise it's going to look like s*** for some time, it's going to be painful and I am open to the possibility I might run screaming back to my hairdresser begging for help but for now, three months in, this is how far I've got:-

I have a feeling hats and scarves are going to feature largely in my wardrobe for the next year or so.

Andi xx

Sunday, 21 August 2016

You know, I just feel like writing again.  How are you?  It's been an up and down couple of years.  I've been off the meds and then back on them again.  Now I'm off them again and waiting to see if I survive after the 5 months it takes for them to clear my system.  5 months is when I crumpled last time and was in the depths of darkness.  All I wanted to do was stay in bed all day and escape the word.  I want to get through it this time.  Mental health is just SO MUCH FUN!

Last year I lost my darling Dad.  He'd been on kidney dialysis for about 15 years and his health had slowly deteriorated during that time.  He was disabled and sick for a number of years leading up to the end.  He died on the blue moon of July '15 with me and Mum by his bedside.  Since then, I've had a number of signs and 'messages' to let me know he's OK.  I don't know if I've ever mentioned that I sometimes have contact with the spirit world.  The night Dad died I 'saw' my grandparents come to take him home.  He was a little boy again, healthy and happy, so I'm happy.  He always made me feel I was the 'apple of his eye'.  I miss him so much.

Without Dad I felt I didn't want to face a normal Christmas last year so my darling family took me to New York instead.  We were there all over Christmas and what was in danger of being one of the most difficult Christmases of my life, turned out to be one of the best.  All thanks to husband and children.

This year I have plunged myself into painting (pictures, not the house).  I'm not very good but with tips and guidance from artists on YouTube I am at least getting want I want to say down on paper.

Forgotten how posting on Blogger works.  The font seems to be different each side of the pic.  What's going on there?  I don't know.

Anyway, I have continued to read your blogs, even if I don't comment much.  Life is a challenge of ups and downs, isn't it?  We all have our own way of surviving the downs and enjoying the ups.  I sincerely hope your life has had more ups and downs.

I just feel like writing and putting down my ramblings.  Hope you don't mind.

If there's anyone out there...

Andi xx